Morning Rituals

January 24th, 2022 0909am

Tarot spread of High Priestess, the fool and the world. The Rider Waite Tarot Deck
The Fool, The World and The High Priestess

It is seven forty-five in the morning as I roll out of bed and pull the shades open. It’s still dark outside but from the looks of the ground, we had some snow fall overnight. I crack the window open and light a cigarette.

The smell of the air and the cool chill is delightful this time of the morning. In the distance I hear a rumble and see a blue light flashing. The snow plow roars down the road, sweeping everything aside that is in it’s path.

Snow day covered scene of splash photography image
Photo by Pixabay on

A fog horn sounds in the distance as I finish my cigarette and snuff jt in the ashtray. I shut the window as it begins to get cold inside. Leaving the window open in this area will tend to do that.

I make my way to the kitchen and fetch a frying pan. I turn the heat on medium and fills the kettle with water. I like hot chocolate in the morning rather than coffee. I quit drinking coffee about two or three years ago now. I feel better throughout the day and don’t become so drained without a coffee.

As the the lan heats up, I begin mixing eggs and milk with a pince of salt. This mixture is what makes my morning special. Once the mixture is done I pour it in the pan that is heated and greased.

Edited image of red, dark texture of candle burning with ashtray in the background by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Candle Burning 2022

While the eggs cook, I chop up some peppers and cheese. This is what adds taste and flavor to the omlette. I throw the peppers and cheese on top of the omelet and let it cook a bit more.

The kettle is boiled so I pour up the hot water into the hot chocolate and mix. Once I finish with the mixing I fold the omelet and cover, cooking a little while longer.

Turning the heat down on low while it is covered is a good idea. I sip my hot chocolate, OUCH!!! Still too hot to drink. I should have known better than to try it while it is cooling down.

Abstract image of white and blue colors edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Abstract Photography 2022

The omelet turned out great and I enjoyed my hot chocolate. The morning can be so peaceful and relaxing. There aren’t many birds during the winter months but I enjoy meditation to music online.

Enjoy your morning and take care everyone!

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