A Day For Rest

January 23rd, 2022 555pm
Temperance card during spread from Tarot deck Rider Waite Deck.
Temperance Tarot Card

Sunday is known as a day of rest in many religions. Taking a day out of the week to rest and enjoy other lively events. I find meditation is always great for resting. I also find afternoon naps a great way of resting. Not everyone will agree with this of course and may argue there is too much work to do.

What about balance? What about taking time to work on ones self? We all go about our daily lives, circling the clock as if we are in some race. A race to the end when it is all over. We no longer have our chance to explore life’s adventures and mysteries.

Temperance card edited and glitched from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Temperance Card 14

Today during my tarot spread, Temperance showed up as the card for the present. It didn’t surprise me as I have noticed the need for balance during many of our daily lives. I also read in a novel that Temperance can also mean the mixing of something. Bringing two ingredients together, like a man and woman.

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For some this card could mean anything with regards to balance. Balance in one’s self during a busy work week. Telling you to take time for yourself and learn to balance work life and personal life. Or maybe it signified a balance is happening within your relationship and working in divine ways beyond compare.

Either way, the card’s significance is important and must be observed during this key meditation. Remember to take a balance in all areas of life and in daily events. We all require some inner reflection from time to time, as well as fun.

Edited image of water bottle during 2022
Edited Image By Dr. Digital Philosophy

2 responses to “A Day For Rest”

  1. When thinking of life balance, I reminisce back to my father who basically worked himself to death. I’ll be writing a blog on him and this topic tomorrow.

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    1. I know how you feel. My father is a hard working man and I learned so much from him including the value of rest.

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