The Moon In Leo

January 19th, 2022 0555am

Edited photo of tarot cards glitched from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Glicthed Image Of Tarot Cards 2022

It is six o’clock in the morning and has I wake to this glorious day I am ready to take on the day and all it’s endeavors. Today is the day for fulfillment and optimism.

As I get ready for this day, I begin by going to the kitchen and fetching a couple slices of toast. While waiting for that I get a cup of hot chocolate ready to go along with it. I enjoy a simple breakfast at times, especially when it’s so early in the morning. As I eat my breakfast I think about all the ways today can go. Will it all work out? Will this be a good opportunity?

I go to the bathroom and take a shower as I do every morning to begin the day. It is so nice having the electricity back again. I have to say, when it’s gone this time of year; i often miss the warm from the heater and being able to cook simple things. Sometimes we take the simple things in life for granted (I do anyway).

Full moon during it's phase in Leo by Pexels
Photo by Alex Andrews on

This morning and today, the moon is in Leo. A loyal and emotional tone will break through today and you will feel childlike. Being playful at times along with a overall good sense of well being.

The lion also has the need to feel cherished and respected during this phase of the full moon. Your mood will take on a cheerful note and your mood has a way of allowing you to open up.

So take this time today to engage in a creative endeavor and let your imagination rise. Let your inventive ways shine through during this full moon phase.

Abstract image edited and glitched of a water bottle by Dr.Digital Philosophy
Abstract Water Photograph

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