Power Gone

January 18th,2022 355pm

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No Power For The Day

Last night I woke up several times to the sound of the wind beating off the side of the house. The walls shook from the wind pounding so hard. As I slept, I dreamt many things of my days when I went to high school. I even dreamt of my hometown, where I spent my youth, getting into all kinds of trouble. Many lessons were learned during those days; what to do, what not to do. It’s no surprise I still dream of those days as an adult.

I wake up and hear the wind blowing harder than ever before and this is due to living in a high wind area. Especially with it being this time of the year for storms and high winds. I check my clock to find the power is still on. How is that possible? “How is the power not gone out with all this wind”, I say to myself.

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I look at the clock again after waking up for the third time. There was nothing showing on the clock which meant it was going to be a day without power. My first thought after waking up was to check the time which was 8:30am. I got up went out to get the propane tank and heater ready for the morning.

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Living in Northern Canada is cold during the summer months but when it’s winter time, we get really cold temperatures. Having a heater and stove for backup is a great idea and comes in handy many times during the year.

The power isn’t expected to come on for another few hours yet but it makes me wonder about what it would be like not having power. Can you imagine? Never having electricity or waking up to a warm day or never being able to get online? Years ago our grandparents weren’t as fortunate to havesuch luxury and who knows, maybe we might experience what it would be like without electricity.

Hopefully, today isn’t the day that happens since we all enjoy having electricity and internet. We enjoy being able to connect to millions of people worldwide, while sharing our thoughts are wonderful. It’s something to think about though.

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