Another Storm Is Underway

Spell Casting blue colors in edited image
Winter Storm Warning

It is January 17th, 2022 at 5:31am and I recently got a storm surge alert come up on my phone. We have been getting a lot of storms this year and with it being winter, I’m sure we will see a lot more.

I was born in July and have always favored the summer. The warm air in the morning with the sun shining down, ever so bright. The cool breeze blowing off the water usually feels nice on those hot sunny days. The smell of the ocean, with the flowers lighting up the view.

Yes it’s safe to say I would much rather see the sunshine than a snow surge alert on my phone but unfortunately seasons change and have for years. Of course how would one know what they liked more if they had nothing for contrast.

Winter night with candle on the window pain lighting the night
Photography by: Dr. Digital Philosophy

That’s the thing about life and everything we experience from day to day. We all have things we like and we have certain things we don’t like. The contrast between the two is how we experience each thing. If we had nothing to compare to, then how would we know what worked better for us? It would be much harder to find out what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy. As the Fire Priestess said in Game Of Thrones, “How would one know bad from good, if one did not experience the latter?”

We come into this world not knowing the rules and everyday social aspects that help us grow and make better choices. For ourselves and towards others but as we grow, we come to understand more about ourselves and others. This is how we learn to communicate, socialize and experience everything with our own opinion. Moving forward and growing, lies with each and everyone of us but how we do it, is up to us.

Guy stands on a hill with a flare in hand and celebrating
Celebration 2021

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