Moon Phase Of Cancer

Edited photography of white and blue coloring.
Cancer’s Moon Period

During this moon phase, a caring and nurturing attitude will be present while you take on a sensitive and receptive quality. Those around you will also be moody and sensitive to emotional states during this phase of the moon.

We are about to enter another full moon phase that will bring a heighten emotional impact to you and others around you. This period of the Mercury Retrograde is a time for self reflection and taking time to look inward. You may ask yourself, where am I headed in life? Where do I go from here?

Waxing Gibbons Moon during a dark night
Photo by ViCky SiNgh on

Family is important during this phase of Cancer’s reign and being home is usually the norm. Security will be important to you as well causing you to be protective of others as well as yourself. Although, you may go too far in smothering those around you causing you to become defensive. Tread carefully and take time for meditation and self support.

During this phase of the moon, I like to stay home and read about the moon’s phases. How does the moon affect us and why? I recently purchased a novel online that allowed me to achieve insight into the moon’s power.

Moon Magic: A Handbook To Lunar Cycles

Author: Aurora Kane

This book helped me understand how the moon causes our emotional states and mental capabilities to be altered. First off, the moon controls the oceans tide causing it to move in and out during the day (also known as low tide and high tide). The human body is believed to be made up of seventy percent water which is why our bodies react to different phases of each lunar cycle.

Full Moon during a clear night
Full Moon During a clear Night

While the moon is still in cancer, one can use this time to focus on creative purposes. Use your time to do some drawing, write a poem or even plant a flower. Since I’ve taken time to do some cultivation during the last year, I now look forward to seeing my favorite plants grow and thrive throughout the season. It’s fulfilling and rewarding all at the same time.

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If you do plant, now is a good time to transplant seeds from the germination stage and into soil. During the full moon phase a plants roots will grow effectively allowing for proper water circulation. The roots of the plant will thrive during a full moon so remember, a new moon is a good time to germinate a seed. Once germinated, wait for the full moon phase and during that time, plat the seed to allow vigorous roots to grow.

Dr Digital Philosophy's Cancer moon during the gibbons stage of the cycle
Photo by Zeeshaan Shabbir on

Dr. Digital Philosophy would like to remind you that more information can be found in Moon Magic by Aurora Kane and available on Amazon for as little as $23.99/CDN currency. I definitely made a good choice when I bought this prize novel and still refer to it daily for knowledge of the moon phases.

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