A Winter Morning Wonder

Unusual image if blurred edited photo for winter morning. Mixture of shaded colors for effect.
Winter Morning Wonder

Waking up to the wind blowing is something I’ve grown use to these days. Even as a kid, I remember getting storms with wind up to 100km/h at times. The house would shake from it hitting the side so hard. Houses in this area of Eastern Canada are built to withstand high winds of course and insulation is necessary to keep the heat inside.

Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year. There’s the cold days and nights, which can be unbearable at times when roaming outside. Then there’s the shoveling snow part which is usually accumulated after a night’s sleep causing the snow to build up in the driveway. It can be painful at times especially when meeting the cold morning with a shovel in hand.

Winter scene with trees and snow
Winter Scene

Although the winter is cold and barren at times, there is some beauty in it. I was never a fan of winter but waking up this morning, inside; with the warm is bliss. Looking out into the cold morning sends a shiver down my spine but the dark morning with fresh snow on the ground, looks peaceful. There is a sort of elegance to it.

Christmas is over and we move into a new year. It is 2022 and with so many different things happening worldwide, I find turning off the news, shutting down the game console, making a hot chocolate and shitting on my comfy chair, reading blogs help cope with it all. Sometimes it never hurts to shut off the tec for a bit and meditate with a good book.

In conclusion, balance is important all year around. Finding time for you is a necessity in life. It’s important to socialize and know what’s happening in the world but too much can be overwhelming and unhealthy. There are so many ways to keep occupied during the winter months and all you have to do is use your imagination. Find a old drawing you were working on, continue with that blog you gave up on and shine on through memories that make you smile.

Some people say it gets boring during the winter, not being able to go outside. It’s difficult for everyone to get around, go for a walk and going for a swim is impossible since most lakes and ponds are frozen over. Let’s look at this in a more positive perspective for a minute. Instead of swimming, one can invest in a old pair of skates and go skating. Like the saying goes, “If you got lemons, make lemonade”.

During the winter months I enjoy reading or investing time into my newest hobby which is blogging. I find writing about events, ideas and mysterious articles exciting. Along with reading other people’s blogs, I gain a huge amount of insight and knowledge into areas where I learn new things.

Dog and cat sleeps on the couch during a cold winters day outside in 2022
Dog & Cat having a nap during the cold winter months

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