Moonlight morning as the moon takes place of the sun during the night

Lockdown 2.0- Practice Makes Perfect

Moonlight morning as the moon takes place of the sun during the night
Night Scene During A Strange Morning

I’ll admit, when things seem to be taken a bit too far, or when something doesn’t add up; I’m the first to ask questions with regards to certain extremes. In 2019, we experienced the virus now known as COVID19; which is a virus transferred from bats. Like the SARS virus and the H1N1 virus, the coronavirus cause users to experience flu like symptoms, with a high fever.

During 2019 we experienced a lack of communication with our nieghbours, friends and family. I went almost a couple of years not seeing members of my family due to travel restrictions and lockdowns. I gave up a full time job because of the fear of catching the virus or breaking lockdown rules which lead to fines; even jail time.

Now it is 2022 and once again we are expected to remain inside to prevent the spread of COVID19 which I have no problem with; if it protects others like the young and the elderly. When it comes to keeping others safe, I’m a true believer of thinking about others. Safety is important and requires diligence to make sure everyone is safe.

Image of tarot spread and edited for effect. This is the rider waite tarot deck
Truth is required just as much as diligence and safety

The Other Side Of The Coin

While on lockdown, I like to read and browse through random photos, blogs and articles. Reading allows me to think about what it is important reading. I also decided to develop a website called Dr. Digital Philosophy that would allow me to contribute to the blogging community.

At first I didn’t think I was ready to blog online, allowing others read through my thoughts and ideas. It seemed so prying and open. That’s when my whole prospective changed on the matter rather quickly.

The world is a card that ends the major Arcana and features a naked woman dancing with two wands burning at both ends.
Tarot card The World from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I decided from that point on I would start a new journey. I decided to take on a life of being transparent rather than hidden and cloaked.

We are heading into a new era where we all shouldn’t have any reason to hide ourselves. In my everyday life, people may know me for being a bit too honest at times. I also like to look at things for what they are rather than what they say they are. I listen more these days rather then forcing a word out that no one years anyway.

Creating Dr. Digital Philosophy was a way to connect with others who enjoy the opportunity to share thoughts, creative projects and discuss differences. So far I have learned more about people than I ever had before.

Altered image that is edited and glitched for effect. Bright and dark colors paint the image.
Edited Image

During the lockdown we are asking our supporters for help during these difficult times. In order to keep this site functioning, I am now accepting donations from our most valued supporters.

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2 responses to “Lockdown 2.0- Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. Great post. It is hard to be back on lockdown past 2 years with covid. In the U.S. , lockdown likely not going to happen and the virus will run its course.

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