Dr. DJ9 Remixed

Friday Afternoon Reflection

January 14th,2022 212pm

Edited image of colorful glitches during photography shot of unknown image

Reflection can be created and distorted during self development. Listen to your insights and instincts for further guidance.

If U(Linger)

During this article, I will he presenting a couple of videos from my online web series known as Digital Philosophy. I decided to do something a little different this time around and introduce you to some other types of media beside the regular images and blogs.

I always found switching things up, from time to time; seemed to brighten ones curiosity. The same ol song played over and over will tend to become dull eventually and the same story read over, time and time again; will go old poke anything that stick around for to long. The price goes down when there’s more around.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Remixed Dr. DJ9 featuring Season 3
Dr. DJ9 Remixed Original during 2022
Digital Philosophy Season 3

During the course of events in which I decided to record these videos, I was ready to expand as a person. Instead of hiding behind a profile, I would show my true self, through reflection and treasures. I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you and hope to tell many more stories.

During this time, with the Pandemic causing more lockdowns and complications to allow our organization to grow. Therefore we are now accepting donations online which are sent using safe and secure transactions worldwide. We accept all donations and thank you for your generosity.

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Candle lighting the darkness while edited and glitched exposing red yellow, blue, green.

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