The Doctor Is In

January 13th, 2022 1050pm

Edited image of Digital art by Dr. Digital Philosophy

It’s been a while, I know. First off, let me apologize for not being unavailable to update, add content or make new videos for Dr. Digital Philosophy. The problem is, I was locked out of my account due to an authentication error when I decided to get a new mobile device. Of course that came with a new number. I’m not sure if any of you went through this type of longing for a blog. I felt lost without the Dr. Digital Philosophy webpage and I ached to write for the Blogancy.

Anyway, when I got the new phone and restored it to factory settings; little did I know I would lose access to almost all my online accounts including Dr. Digital Philosophy. I’ve grown on this organization and all that it’s becoming, all the work i out into designing and then redesigning te whole page. To see it gone now would be complete effort without continuous improvement to the webpage, causing me to lose something I created out of nothing.

Tarot glitches image of dark blurred cards from rider waite deck
New content 2022

The doctor is in and I am here to blog and write frequently about all kinds of topics. Many new things happen daily and so much have happened in the past, it’s hard to write about everything but while I was unavailable; I took time practicing mediation, working on my garden that has become a great new way of living with purpose and trying to improve my life while also helping others.

I think we could all use a little help these days so why not share what I can, when I can. Materials never last long and things mean little but friends and family are forever. Even long after their gone, their memory sticks with us.

We live on through memories of those still living in the material world.”

Unknown capture edited and obscured with brown and white colors obscured
Unknown 2617

Here we are in the new year, with a new beginning; a new start. Of course as I said before, all beginnings start with an end. We are only able to focus and exist in the current state of now; the present moment.

If you think about, we are constantly in a state of new beginnings daily; since all we know is the future; which is unknown. What is the point of time and seasons? What does it all mean?


That’s right, order! From lining up since preschool and so on, we are conditioned into loyal subjects of the establishment. Moving forward and then back to the end of the line, once more; to get ahead. Get ahead just so you can get your turn. Just to end up at the back of the line. Get ahead to get behind.

Sound familiar? Stay tuned for more information regarding new features and surprises. It’s safe to say we have come to a crossroads and now we have to make a choice. We all have the freewill and intellectual capacity to do so but yet we continue on the hamster wheel; turning and turning. To get ahead of ourselves and be right where we always were.

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During these times we appreciate your help and generosity in providing Dr. Digital Philosophy with the sponsorship to keep us moving forward. We appreciate your donations and thank you.

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Blue Water Edited 2022

It’s quite a good feeling to have the opportunity to share my images with you all. To write endlessly and share my thoughts regarding life from my own perspective.

Today has been quite a good day. Along with getting my Dr. Digital Philosophy Webpage back, I have recently been offered a job position close to home. I always enjoyed the feeling of bliss when things are going good. Of course, I always try to have things run smoothly. Life doesn’t always work out like that though. Even when things are going great and nothing is looking down; everything can crash as quick as the high we seek.

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