The Darkness

Beginning Of A New Era

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

The Darkness Feature Image of man wearing dark masks

Chapter 1 Wrecking

It was almost night as Kevin looked across the country side. In a small town in Nova Scotia, the nights were long and the days were cold. It’s all you could expect in Northern Canada though this type of year. It was December 18th,2021 and almost Christmas. He didn’t care since he barely celebrated the holiday.

Kevin was almost home. He pushed the gas pedal a little harder and moved faster down the highway. It seemed as though ight moved in rather quickly tonight. He couldn’t see the sun anymore, just darkness.

Full Moon Image In Chapter One Of the Darkness

He turned on the light and turned on the kettle. Feeling drowsiness, Kevin decided to make a cup of Coffee. He like crushing his fresh coffee beans first and then pouring the hot water through a strainer. The freshness was so much better.

He turned on the TV and the same old show. Friends was playing on this channel. He wasn’t sure which episode it was but Rachel was complaining about being independent. “Away from Daddy!” She blurted out.

Sipping his coffee, life was peaceful and quiet. No one to disturb him and no one to bother him. Friends no longer came by and he barely saw his girlfriend. It was quite lonely at times but he didn’t mine it. To him it was peaceful. The darkness was quiet and he liked it.

Candle Image During Chapter One of the darkness Original Photography Edited by Dr. Digital Design 2021
Candle Light flickered during the night

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