Life And Death Situation

Accidents Happen

Author & Submitted by : Skinner J.Tyler
Car hits another car showing the amount of damage a little car can do for wodpress stock images pexel

The Accident That Changed My Perspective

I was driving down the highway, going the usually speed. 90km/hr, maybe even 95 with the speed limit being 100 max. At the time I was going to my girlfriends foe the night and getting together with some friends.

The next thing I remember, I was oolong through a broken windshield and seemed to be upside down in my seat.

I crashed! Flew off the road and flipped the car. I know I’m lucky to be alive and though I would share this just to let my followers and reader im okay. I came out with a scratch so someone is lookingjober me

Take care guys and be safe out there during the winter months. The roads get slippery and black ice can be a pain. Cheers and thanks for your support. Currently having some rough times but hey; it’s all a part of life.

Oceans crashing as the time itself ripples through life. WordPress pexel stock photography for imagery.

Here I am today though feeling lost. Since I became an adult and probably around the age of 23 or 24. I learned during those years that I didn’t know everything. Actually it was quite the opposite from what I thought; since I realized I had no idea how life would turn out or even begin to understand how it began.

Today I find history has been a very good time machine when trying to figure out where it is we are headed. As the great author Mark Twain wrote, “History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhythm.” I recently noticed he wasn’t far from the truth on the quote.

With that being said I’m okay guys but any donations or help would be greatly appreciated since these times have been difficult. Thanks guys!l for the support and encouragement during this development of Dr. Digital Philosophy.

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