Overcoming Obstacles

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Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Tarot Cards, 8 of swords, 3 of wands and death reversed original Photography Edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Tarot Sequence

Moving Ahead While staying Grounded

I sometimes wonder how I got here. Not here on earth or in Canada but more in a philosophical sense. I was a small town boy who grew up to study Pharmacy for a while and even worked in the field for a few years.

Later I became a Sailor who sailed the Great Lakes of Canada and the US. There were so many places to see and so many to explore. I always enjoyed sailing and even the hard work always paid off as it usually do of course.

Sailing stock image form pexel of rope and Boulder
Knot tied off to the boulder

What I mean is, how did I get where I am today?

Meeting so many people while traveling for work. Meeting so many loved ones along the way. And here I am, pondering where to go from here. We all been through it I guess. We come to a crossroads and aren’t quite sure where to go from here?

Candle burning through the night Original Photography Edited By Skinner J.Tyler
Candle Light Image

Moving On

We as the human race has accomplished so much yet we have so many things left that is unknown to us. Saying that of course, with the question above; where do we go from here?

With myself, I now see that given being self employed (and struggling with it’s endeavors), I’ve decided to look into a more stable career that allows me to have financial secured room to move forward as an entrepreneur.

Some may say that’s a lot of work and may be draining but I see it as another challenge in my life. Another obstacle to overcome and I’m going to let you in on a little secret; “We all have the ability to do it!”

Woman excited and happy for overcoming obstacles from stock imagery from the pexel library in wordpress
Woman overcoming Obstacles and Daily Events by staying positive

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