New Moon, New Phase

Another Phase, A New Beginning

Author & Published by: Dr. Digital Philosophy
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The World Is Different Now

With Covid19 having it’s toll during the last two or three years, we are still feeling the affects of the pandemic. The are families who suffer from lost loved ones, friends who lost their close partners or kids having to suffer the brutal mask. We all have went through a lot during this pandemic. There are some who are afraid to take the vaccine and I can’t blame them.

Like most world events that have a devastating impact on the population, the world changes. It’s not the same as it was and I’m sure most people recognize it. The one thing this pandemic has done is change our way of going out in public. If you want to go anywhere these days, you need to wear a mask.

To he honest with you, that’s how all world events end. They end with the society becoming use to a new type of idea due to the catastrophic era they been through.

Coastal Cannabis

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New Moon, Dark Phase

Spell Book and Tarot Card 8 of Swords from Rider Waite tarot deck Original Photography
Tarot Card 8 Of Swords and Spell Book

Tonight is the beginning of a new phase during which we see the new moon fall under Sagittarius ♐. This will cause people to stir and be out and about. It brings a talkative mood to those who seek out social groups and friends.

The phases are unique since it wasn’t always something that many people talked about. It seems as though lately, people having been searching for a more spiritual path and one that makes sense. With astrology, one cannot say it is made up or fiction since the moon and sun falls under it’s affiliation.

During meditation it is best to use a black candle during the new moon and with it being a Saturday. This will provide protection and allow protection from negative energy and cleanse the air of any negativity. The new moon is a time to meditate and look onwards to a new path, a new cycle or a new beginning.

Night Sky Original Image Druing Fall Equinox
Photography by Dr. Digital Philosophy

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