Connection Lost (Part 2)

The Vicious Cycle

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Continue On….Repeat

Last night I had a dream where a ex girlfriend was present in the dream. I’m not sure why she was there but it was a interesting dream. I haven’t thought of this girl in quite some time and why I dreamed about her is strange.

It’s usually the same setting, my old high school. I’m walking down the hallway (late again) and look into the classroom window, through the doorway. Another one of Miss Skinner’s math classes I can’t afford to miss again.

I decided to ditch it and head home. That’s when I meet her. “What are you doing here”, I ask her.

“Passing through”, she says.

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We all dream, weather we remember them or not. Our subconscious tells us something that we are missing in life. What my dream was about last night is a mystery to me. Especially since I haven’t seen or thought about the person in ages.

Somewhere down the road I lost connection with not only her; but a lot of other people I met along the way. Travels take us far and wide; we meet people and never see them again. Isn’t life funny in that way. Our head is filled with memories of people who live through us.

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