Connection Lost (Part 1)

Cut Off From Society

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Do Not Enter Imaye from WordPress Stock Photography Splash Gallery 2021
Do Not Enter

No Where, No How

During the past few days of last week and with the beginning of this week, I haven’t found any time to write a blog article. For me lately this has been strange since I started this Dr. Digital Philosophy website.

Last week we had a lot of rain and it was quite stromy. The wind reaching 190km/hour and the rain pouring constantly. This led to roads being washed out; cutting off the main route for the area.

For that last week, we haven’t been able go anywhere. We were short on supplies but managed to pull through.

The road is now open to one land and allows traffic through on both sides. (Those going inn and those leaving town, both have access to and from) The ferry is docked for the night and will cause those traveling to Newfoundland, to become stranded for the night (as well as those leaving the island).

Original Candle image edited and used for blog article from 2021
Stranded or Stuck

We all rely on roads and highways to get us where we need to go. Whether it is for food, medical supplies or other necessities; we use these routes of commute daily. We rely on cars and other means of transport to get around. We have become so use to travelling long distances for such a long time; the thought of going without long distance travel seems bizarre.

When these sources are cut off, they cause headaches and problems that lead to emergencies or other affiliated disasters. The world is set up in a network of passages, that allow us to travel where we need to go. Now today, if we aren’t able to travel like we once did; it’s going to cause a slight problem. I use slight problem loosely here.

This can be by highway or even by air. Without these routes, we would be very limited to where we go and what we can do. Even our taste in food and what is available becomes limited. With the wide network, we get to enjoy many different fruits and vegetables. Along with other dishes we all have grown accustomed to.

We rely on the mail to post letter and receive monthly bills and cheques. We need transport trucks to move shipments of products from point A to point B (which may be long distance or just a provincial delivery). Either way we rely on this network daily and it’s something we become accustomed to. Imagine living without that network and having to grow your own vegetables or run your own farm to get milk and daily food items. It would be quite a difference than how we live in the current age.

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Who knows what may happen in the days ahead? Can you imagine living without the electricity grid? Or living without roads or never having the ability to drive a car?

A red Ferrari parked outside a building in a city
Are vehicles a thing of the past?

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