Inner Wisdom, Without Judgment

I Done Something New and It Was Great

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Meditation Technique

About two years ago I done something that benefits me today and many others around me. I read a book by Eckhart Tolle called, "A New Earth". The novel changed my life and my perspective on everything. From how I talk to someone, to how I well I look after myself; everything seemed relevant. 

I quickly realized how I have been guilty of judging others before I judge myself; causing me many failures that I had to ivercome in order to move forward.

Thinking I was better than others due to financial reasons and career-oriented professional reasons seem pathetic now when I think about it.

This was poisoning my inner soul day by day. Bitter judgement on those who I had no right to judge in the first place. The bitterness leaves a horrible taste in your mouth later that don't go away.

I started on a new path, a new quest to find myself and look inward. Judging only myself these days (and difficult in today's society) but focusing on how I can be better to set an example for those who see what I do; not for anyone else but for myself.

The youth today are starving for opportunities and self identification for their era. It's difficult for them and I don't judge but I try to set a example to help others see that it's okay to be upset, angry or different. Life isn't easy for anyone who had the experience of living it.

It's a new world for me these days and I'm doing well. Not just for myself but for those around me as well. The key thing to remember is other people are important as well.
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It was then I started meditation and practiced looking inwards. Finding my inner self and bluntly figuring out who I really am, who I was and what I am becoming. Even taking time to study the tarot and what it represents or means.

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I am a Cancer who is the Crab, born on July 22nd and almost a Leo by hours. Some books today outlining horoscope and Astrology refer to my date as Leo. I guess I can be a bit of both but water is my essence and fire is my wisdom; as it burns on the candle, I find myself burning like a flame. Time is of the essence and the end is inevitable.

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