Another Day Passing By

Remembering Past Events

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
Wall of remembering names Stock Photography
Remembering Lost Loved Ones


Yesterday was my 100th blog post here on Dr. Digital Philosophy and we are excited to say that after writing many articles and updates here on Dr. Digital Philosophy, making videos for my YouTube Channel, Digital Philosophy; there are more articles on the way. We have more videos to share with you, along with poems, songs, remixes and all kinds of artwork.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts and images with you through the Dr. Digital Philosophy webpage and along with Digital Philosophy Series. I always enjoyed writing and not just literature. Music has been something I enjoy using to express myself for years now. Playing guitar and bass guitar for bands while performing on stage has always been some of the greatest moments in my life. Traveling the world has also contributed to my writing style and images produced here on Dr. Digital Philosophy.

Original night scene image of moon during past photographs from Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021

We have shared many photos with you and plan to share many more. With winter on the way and Christmas in the air, there are lots more features to come and I wanted to write this article to let you know we have much more on the way so we hope to see your comments, follows and any suggestions you may have.

Candle Light Window Pane Original Photography from October 2021

Another day that passes rather quickly and with entropy it seems, finding out how to cope with the pandemic. Staying at home to ensure the virus doesn’t spread and of course we all must do our part in ensuring we get through this dark stage in our history.

Where we are headed and we we go from here is up to us. The factors that make us who we are and where we came from, lead us to this very point in time. There is no going back on the stage of life, for a paradoxical element must exist in order to keep our reality in check; or Matrix.

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Northern Artic Ocean Sky Image Original Photography

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