A Time For Inner Wisdom

Meditation & Inward Focus

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
Girl meditating and focusing in this stock photography from WordPress

Wanning Moon, Inner Peace

Inner peace and acceptance of one’s self is important for living healthy and having a positive lifestyle. Focusing on your health is important and by eating fruits and vegetables, a healthy diet can be achieved with willpower.

Of course as I discussed previously, going for a jog on a nice day or even taking a walk for 30 minutes can be beneficial to your health as well. It’s important to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health too. Walking and exercising can help with both types.

I love the smell of fresh air during a nice day. Walking down the road and hearing the birds singing while the sunlight warms my head. It’s quite a blissful experience and even though I haven’t been walking for a while, I always make room for it in my weekly routine.

Girl jogging silhouette from WordPress Stock Photography

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While exercising is important, during this phase of the moon and it’s wanning effect; inner reflection and focusing on inner wisdom is important to practice during this phase. Looking inwards is a great way to discover what one really requires in order to move forward.

So take some time, lay back and turn on some relaxing music that includes a flute or some type of meditation music. There are all kinds of apps that include great relaxation techniques and music to use. Focus on your breath and clear your thoughts as you relax your body and mind.

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