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Madness Is Everywhere

Edited and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Abstract Images From Pexel
Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com
Skinner J.Tyler
Nikko Our New Puppy

Photos are some of the best ways to illustrate or stell a story. Today instead of writing a article during this blog; I decided to add some images. Sinve this is of course the 100th blog post during 2021.Some are original and some are stock photography.

I also included some great MOM cannabis ordering sites online. They are 100% legit and they are 100% legal under the Cannabis Act (Federal Government of Canada), so enjoy our blog smudge-picnic.

Ships in the horizon in Newfoundland,  Atlantic Canada 2021
Newfoundland Cabot Strait Scenery

https://coastalagency.netPhoto by MNM ZAMEER on Pexels.com

Writing is a new development I’ve picked up and enjoy. I like to think of it as a open journal about my life. Except, the whole world has access and since I live a transparent lifestyle; I thought having a online blog would be perfect.

So far so good and thanks for helping me get here to my 100th Blogancy post on Dr. Digital Philosophy. You guys are great and what makes this site better daily.

Check out these websites for more deals and great products: https://golddreams.cr?rpid=19&rpr=1180 has high quality products such as Cannabis Flowers, Shatter and I support their shake since its quality is spectacular. It’s shake included pink kush last time on sale for a great price of $125.00/1/2 lb. The shake was smoked, while the other shake is being used for edibles. Thanks Gold Dreams!

Cannabis Growing Stock Photography of plant

Policy Procedure 2.4 (a) Revised 2d

“During our current endeavors we would like to remind clients and viewers that while we offer original, authentic material throughout our website, we will be using splash photography as well as stock photography from simple simpledifferent (simdif) and WordPress for creative purposes only. We take no credit for photography and images offered through WordPress or simdif, but only take credit for our own original content.”

“We currently use images from photographed material and edit our images through an application called “Polish” available on Google Play. Our remixes use a application called “Music Maker Jam” also available on Google Play and allows us to develop new content and material that is created by Coastal Agency and Dr. Digital Philosophy. Videos created for YouTube and tiktok are edited using tiktok editor and My Movie; both available on Google Play”

“Our new policy is to be understood and taken into consideration when viewing our website and it’s affiliations with our businesses through Coastal Agency, Digital Philosophy and Dr. Digital Philosophy trademarks. Under our business name and Sole Proprietorship, John Tyler Skinner has taken all necessary steps to ensure regulatory compliance and policy is followed throughout our business endeavors. *Please note: we follow all regulations and policies under the Federal Government of Canada and Provincial Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.”

Author and published by Skinner J. Tyler and through Coastal Agency, Dr. Digital Philosophy and other affiliates, Author and Creator; Skinner J.Tyler who is Sole Proprietor John Tyler Skinner and business named under John Tyler Skinner can present authentic material and content. As well; John Tyler Skinner sometimes refer himself to Dr. Digital Philosophy to express branding and entertainment purposes only. Under our domain business; Coastal Agency and Dr. Digital Philosophy are Businesses under Sole Proprietor John Tyler Skinner: Author and Designer also written as Skinner J.Tyler 2021. Please be advised that all links associated with Dr. Digital Philosophy, Coastal Agency and other affiliated sites through John Tyler Skinner are #ComissionsEarned through Amazon.com, under Amazon Associates Program; earning commissions on purchases through the links above on this webpage. As a  Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

We have currently taken on a new approach to affiliate marketing by advertising CBD Magic, a online CBD company that offers oils, creams and other items to help clients find relief of their illness and affiliated problems. We earn 15% of customers purchases during this affiliate program under Coastal Agency, Dr. Digital Philosophy and Coastal Linkz.”

“We must disclose and provide sufficient information that outlines our requirements to obtain any type of payment from our #ComissionsEarned through Amazon, CBD Magic, or any other entity we associate with and promote. We are obligated to disclose our business in advertising and promotion of ads, brands and other associated affiliates under Coastal Agency and Dr. Digital Philosophy” “We promote and provide information for associates such as “Intellifluence” or other affiliated websites providers that offer us: Coastal Agency, Dr. Digital Philosophy or John Tyler Skinner #ComissionsEarned through advertising and promoting online. While purchasing products at Amazon, remember that anything purchased by clicking our links allows us to earn commissions upon purchase of the product or products available on Amazon.”

“We have also taken part in promoting a new affiliate marketing campaign under the name of Pure Hemp CBD products available. We make a 40% commission through Pure Hemp and sales made during your purchases of CBD products. We earn a commission when items or products are purchased through clicking our links at Coastal Agency or Dr. Digital Philosophy.”

“Our stock photography are from the WordPress and Simdif Library and are not authentic or original. We also use images taken from the Rider Tarot Deck in order to achieve an understanding of the description we are presenting. These images are referenced and used throughout https://coastalagency.net and https://drdigitals.ca for a view or understanding of the article, webpage, comment, or video.”

Published by Dr. Digital Philosophy

Dr. Digital Philosophy is a new development during 2021. Dr. Digital Philosophy is a character and a philosophical artist that presents logos, designs, content structure and many other types of original material such as remixes, writing blogs, making authentic videos for content on topics that anyone can relate too. Dr. Digital Philosophy offers an online blog called "Blogancy". Blogancy is where Dr. Digital writes his scripts, to allow healing and therapeutic practices that offers the truth and other remedies for a healthy lifestyle. Updated frequently and always original with content and images.

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