Dwelling Experiment

A Monday Poem: Adventure
Author and Submitted by: Skinner J.Tyler
Artic Travel and holding compass stock image from pexel and WordPress
Compass and Dwelling Adventures

"Ninety degrees, the North Pole tip;"
"Northern Light's, icebergs and the Artic trip!"

"Ice and cold, the midnight sun roar;"
"Exploration, on the run; the crew wanted more!"

"Top of world, the Northwest Passage;"
"Artic Circle, Neptune and even King Midas!"

"The Franklin's expedition was never a lost;"
"For those men found a world, their lives were the costs."

"Expedition and adventure, sitting sail at sea;"
"Sailors, Captains and Mariners; all hold the key!"
Map of travel throughout the Artic Circle and North Pole
My 2016 Artic Trip From Tromso, Norway towards the North Pole and later arrival in Resolute

While traveling while sailing and working at sea, I’ve seen many things; many beautiful scenes and images. Such as the Northern Lights as they flicker throughout the midnight sky, during the winter months in the Artic. So much to see besides ice and snow. It’s coldness is one to he prepared for since it is the Northern Hemisphere.

There is a wide open world out there to explore and there is so much left to discover. If we all take that leap forward and explore, we will be amazed at the tremendous amount of scenery in the North Pole. It may he cold up there at the ninety degree point, with Polar bears and many types of dangerous creatures (along with the climate being below 0°C daily).

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