The November Tears

Life Is Unfair

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Life Is Unfair

It saddens me at times like these when memories of passed love ones come to mind. Dreaming of my Grandparents (who I spent a lot of my younger days with) I am happy during the dream but awaken to realize I can’t see them like I use to. I can no longer call them or visit them in occasion and see their faces light up with joy. Of course, their memories are always with me and always will be.

Lately I feel as though I’m going through a difficult phase of life alone and forgotten. Even ignored at times to be made only to listen to the person not listening to me.(I apologize to anyone who has done everything they could to make it more enjoyable and those people have made it better.) Making life worth living and getting up for each day. Although it seems like during this time of my life, I am unfulfilled emotionally and spiritually. I am at a crossroads in my life where even experiencing someone else’s hurt, hurts me truly deep. My soul is crying and it’s not just for myself but for everyone who suffers during these difficult times. Then again, who isn’t suffering somewhere right now?

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Drained & Diminished

I realize though, it isn’t only me who gets like this during this time of year but others seem to be bothered by the winter blues. The hot days are over and days of wearing shorts are over for now; until next year. For now it’s heavy coats and insulated underwear during the cold months ahead.

But look at the past and how it plays on our present moments, along with future endeavors. We recently been through a pandemic that has put the world on lockdowns, causing loneliness and confusion throughout it all. The time spent enduring such events has left some and well me; emotionally drained and encumbered with a block that has me stuck.

Right now I am trying to continue on and stay positive but it isn’t easy. November always have been a hard month and with tears it seems to be one that has to be understood. It’s a time of the year where the trees die and wither away. The cold months drive wildlife south for the warmer temperatures.

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The World Is Cruel

It seems though, no matter who you are, where you are or what background you come from, we all suffer. We all have the experience of going through loss, sadness and pain. It’s another part of life that seems inevitable. To be honest, it saddens me to hear that someone was hurt or laughed at. I think to myself, how cruel some people can be.

Although sometimes it isn’t someone else’s fault, rather the opposite is true. Having loss someone close even if it was years ago, still hurts and bothers us. It’s a part of life and what we all go through.

If we didn’t go through life knowing what hurt and what it is like to feel loss, how would we know what is truly good? How would we understand the truth of happiness without understanding sadness? We wouldn’t know unless we experienced such things and feel the emotional toll through each experience.

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