The Signal For Help

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Help Signal is universal and should be known worldwide in case of emergency only
If your in trouble and need help, use this signal and spread the word! It might help you someday!


I write about many things and topics all the time but thought I would share a handy piece for those who are reading. Since the pandemic and Covid19, there is a new hand gesture to signal help.

If your trapped, kidnapped or in trouble; call 911 and seek out emergency services but if you need to use this signal, here it is. Hopefully you never will but I have worked with search and rescue (Canadian Coast Guard) and know how important it is to establish a good, clear understanding for signals.

Sometimes establishing a clear understanding may be difficult under many circumstances and conditions so I hope this helps.

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Help is always available
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Help Signal

I recently received this information while viewing a channel on YouTube known as Wiki4all. It is quite an interesting project and I have previously blogged about it’s significance during this time period. There are still many people out there who cannot read or write so videos and media companies such as help a large audience of people looking for quality information.

We here at Dr. Digital Philosophy hope this helps educate people about communicating with others and how to get someone’s attention if your in danger or need help. Often times when in immediate danger or require assistance, the main problem is communication. Not being able to signal or call for help can lead to greater danger.

If you or someone you know has unique techniques that can help someone or save their life, please feel free to share your knowledge. Your contribution can help someone or even a family member if they ever require attention.

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