The Waxing Cycle

The Moon Phase Is Peculiar

Cannabis Plant Growing under some light while in a vegetation stage.
Marijuana Plant Growing
Authored & Submitted by: Skinner J.Tyler

It’s a night like any other night really. It’s a bit chilly for a Northern Canada type of fall, that is more like winter, to be honest. Especially here in the lovely provincial Island of Newfoundland & Labrador. Here it seems that fall is barely much different than winter. Well, for one reason I say that is due to the fact, that if you sleep through a day or two; you usually miss out on those two or three days of Fall.

Tonight the moon waxes as a Gibbous Moon, almost ready to take form as a full sphere of light. It’s midnight embrace is usually one to remember, for those who are night owls.

River and mountains in a stock image of scenery
Photo by Kelly L on

I love the midnight full moon as it shines through the dark night, lighting up the unknown and unveiling the darkness. The sounds of insects and wildlife are all around you. The smell of the crisp, cold winter air.

Again though, this is a waxing gibbous and not a full moon. The waxing moon is a time for embrace and reaching the world through trying new things, going to new places and taking on a whole new encounter.

Edited Candle That simhines bright during a Moonlight night
Edited Candle Light Image

Cannabis Plant Growing WordPress Stock Photography Splash
Cannabis Plant

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