Escape To The Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls Anniversary Edition 2021

Author and Published by:Skinner J.Tyler

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Video Games

Once A Nerd; Always A Dragonborn

I’ve always been into video games, old lore of fantasy lands where elves and dwarves dwell under the bright blue sky; or maybe it’s green. Either way, I’ve always been into stories like “Lord of The Rings” or “A Song Of Ice And Fire”. But there hasn’t been one yet quite like the Elder Scrolls Series. It was a saga I would always have a liking for and why not? There’s dragons, witches, Kings and Jarls!

The first time I played The Elder Scrolls was during the Oblivion Crisis. I assisted a young monk to help him reclaim his throne (I won’t go further and give away spoilers). It’s a game worth giving a try since it’s very dynamic for it’s day.

Image of The Elder Scrolls Game play during Skyrim Game by Bethesda
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition 2021 By Bethesda
Skyrim Xbox One

Unique & Dynamic

There are those who find time intertwined in a fantasy world where stories and characters come to life. You get to choose where to go and what to do, you get to say what you want your character to say and best of all; you get to have a partner or AI sidekick by your side all along the way.

It’s quite exciting and I highly recommend trying this game out. For all the hours I’ve spent into this game, it doesn’t surprise me to be back for more. It’s adventures are endless and during this new game, anyone can mod now.

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Xbox Controller

Adventure Awaits

So if your the type of person who enjoy going on quest, fighting dragons and battling in a Civil War; then this game is for you. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, was popular when it first came out, as it is today.

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Stock Photography Of Northern Lights

Delve into this exciting and magnificent experience where you can become a theif who gets by robbing the locals or a hero who saves the world from the dragon who is known as the World Eater!

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