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Inspiration Is Bliss

Wordpress Stock Photography of Ocean and Beautiful Sky During Sundown
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Life is Bliss

We all heard the expression before where some say, “Ignorance is bliss”. As far as I’m concerned it is. Of course if we look at many things throughout our daily lives, we will find that life itself is blissful and should be experienced everyday.

Today I’ll be honest; I haven’t got the inspiration to write anything. (Yet here I am, writing something) I find inspiration hard to come by at times and get blocked. Of course there are many topics and things to write about. And with so much going on in the world today, only gives a sense of inability to put effort into the work.

Writing takes effort sometimes and no talent or hobby is without effort. One has to know what they are writing about. Using references and links to help explain certain aspects are also important. In today’s modern world this is easy since we have the internet, Google search bars and social media applications. So in a way, isn’t this blissful?

Original Photography of candle and jar of magical items edited and manipulated by Dr. Digital Philosophy

“The unexamined life, is not worth living”


Wordpress Stock Photography of Mountain Scene of Inspiration
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Inspiration & Ideas

Original content and image from Dr. Digital Philosophy of a candle in  a cartoon imagery

Original Photography Edited By Dr Digital Philosophy's of Tarot Cards 9 of wands, ace of cups and another tarot reading

November Howls

"Twilight Skys of tranquility, 
Burns the night of transparency"
"Dark, blowing November winds,
Howl towards the very end"

I thought a poem and some new images would be fitting during this blog. Since it’s about inspiration and finding it, I wanted to share a poem I recently written as well. With November here already, another blissful year is all been endured and next year is on the horizon.

You never know what you’ll find sometimes without even looking for inspiration. The sun shining over a field of green grass, while the wind blows a breeze that is noticed within the picture.

Some are interested in the big glowing moon that shines bright during a full moon. I’ve captured many great photographs during a full moon and they came out great. Anyone with a phone can capture some amazing images any day of the week if you walk outside.

Candle editor using a cartoon editing app

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