CANNABIS GROWING 101- Vegetation Stage

Cannabis Vegetation Stage

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plant Stock Photography WordPress 2021
Cannabis Plant

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Vegetation Stage Of The Cannabis Plant

During the vegetation stage of the Cannabis plant we begin to see leafy leaves, the plant begins to grow upwards at about 1 inch daily. We also see fuller leaves and the plant thriving in it’s environment. It’s green pigment is a sure sign the plant is thriving and doing well. Like most living things, the color shows how healthy something is.

If your plant is not thriving or growing as explained, change it’s environment or maybe not. Maybe it’s due to under watering or over watering. Giving the plant too much will not allow for proper nutritional support. While underwater will cause the plant to dry up. Finding a middle area is what works best. Watering before sundown is another important note to keep in mind.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Original Image of Cannabis Plant during vegetation stage of life cycle 2021
Cannabis Plant Original

As you can see the plant is fluffy and growing tremendously and rapidly, growing more leaves and looking quite well in this current environment. Due to the plants safe environment where the temperatures and humidity are watched closely, we see a healthy plant during this stage of the cycle.

Cannabis Growing Plant Stock Image From WordPress 2021 During Article on Cannabis Vegetation Stage

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Original Photography Added By Dr. Digital Philosophy Imagery Cannabis Growing Environment and Plants
Cannabis Grow Environment

Proper Care Provided

During all stages of Cannabis Plant should proper care and procedures be carried out, if of course the grower wishes to achieve success in overall development of the plant. Taking proper care of a plant is easy as long as you follow the steps needed to make a working environment for your cannabis plants.

Original Photography Edited By Dr. Digital Philosophy of Cannabis Plant during 2021

  • Tip 1: use gloves or make sure to wash your hands before handling the plant.
  • Tip 2: ensure your plant is located in a clean and safe environment that is away from animals or pests.
  • Tip 3: always clean materials being used before hand; such as pots, measuring tools, etc.
  • Tip 4: always pay attention to signs of under watering or over watering your plants.
  • Tip 5: pay attention for signs of nutrition defects. Adding too much or too little can cause your plant to decrease growth and die.
  • For more tips on growing check out Digital Philosophy Season 5 Episode 1

Original Photography Edited By Dr Digital Philosophy of a Cannabis Plant growing
Cannabis Plant Edited Digital Philosophy

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