Obscured Nights

Cold, Dark Nights; Obscured Sanity

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November Storm, Darkness Awaits

The past few weeks have been quite dark and lonely. With so much on my mind, I found the start of November to be darker and clouded. Everyone seems out of touch and on edge during the last week. My mood has been low with the feeling of loss and despair. I miss friends I’ve lost over the past few years and it makes me sad during times of remembering their warm, gentle hearts. I miss family who have passed or aren’t around like they use to be. This cold, darkness and loneliness has a ghastly feeling to it.

We see people everyday; family, friends and coworkers. We take for granted waking up every morning next to the person we love and knowing everything is okay or going well. We forget sometimes how quick things can change. Everyone is healthy, happy and grateful to experience this everyday life. Everything the journey has to offer is sometimes misunderstood or forgotten. It’s never changed much though, just a different place; in a different time.

Edited image of dark night during a full moon

We all get caught up in routines and working to make ends meet. Moving forward during each day to build a better life for ourselves and our family. Sometimes we take for granted the people who are around us, may not always be there. Take time to appreciate those around you and don’t forget the way they make you feel. Take a moment and think about that the next time you see your Grandmother or Father, Mother or Sister. We are not promised the next day so as the cliché goes, make each day like it’s your last, as one day it will be.

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We get caught up in daily events and routines that sometimes cause us to miss things. We lose track of time or we are busy cleaning out the basement, shed or garage. The day goes on and continues as it always has. It does not wait for anyone or anything, it is moving forward day after day. We like to think we are able to keep track of time but yet why is it so easy to lose track of time.

Either way, as the clock ticks by; we don’t seem to realize one key aspect of living a positive lifestyle and that’s living in the present. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, think about today. Think about all the things you can do today (some do not have such a luxury of moving around from day to day due to disability or being crippled) with regards to someone who can’t do those things. Imagine the pain and dread you would experience.

We all go through this in some part of our lives. Being stuck or feeling lost, as if there is no one else around to understand this sadness you feel. It’s starting to get colder outside and it seems as though everyone is distant. No one at the park, no one walking in the streets and barely anyone to talk to. The sadness of the leaves falling from a tree while cold wind blows a lonely breeze, leaving you cold and lonely.

Maybe due to COVID19 having it’s impact on the world. The cause of lockdowns and social distancing now leaving us with the after effect of distancing and avoiding people while wearing a mask.

Psychologically if you wanted to train a animal to behave in a certain elegance, it would work best if you allow them to become comfortable with the behavior you are installing within it’s behavioral pattern. This allows the animal to take on the role over time as normal behavior, then causing them to be trained.

What works best in times of difficulty and loneliness? Where do I go when things get tough? What if I have no family and I’m all alone?

Candle burning through the night

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Sadness and Despair

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