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Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Cannabis Plant Growing Canada

Seedling Stage 101

Today is an interesting day since I received my first set of pots from Amazon and currently about to transplant my second seedling to begin the vegetation process. Now I haven’t transplanted many plants before but was shown by many good teachers, which are hard to come by unfortunately. Growing Cannabis takes time and patience, along with careful procedures and clean, sanitary environments. With help from books and guides purchased on Amazon, the process was a lot easier and my plants are growing great!

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning before the light is about to turn on (the light is on a timer and currently on a 18 hour of daylight with 6 hour of darkness from 0000 to 0600) is open the window to allow fresh air inside. Meanwhile the heater next to the grow tent keeps the temperature moderate (between 20°C and 25°C).

Today I am transplanting my second seedling to allow the vegetation process to take it’s course. This process is important for growth and allows the plant to proceed with the making of new sugars.

Remember that the vegetation stage can use anywhere from 12 hours of sunlight. Once the plant receives 12 hours of darkness, it will start to flower. Allowing for buds and pistils to form. (Only female plants grow buds or flower, males does not produce THC and if left near a female, will spread it’s seeds causing the female to stop making buds)

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With air flowing through two vents I opened, this will allow a small amount of air to reach the plants. This allows the most important ingredient needed for photosynthesis and promotes proper growth of the Cannabis plant during it’s process from Germination to Harvest.

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Vegetation Stage Commencement

So we germinated many seeds during the course of the germination stage. Allowing only the best seeds to be used for planting. We planted four of our best seeds with two sprouting up immediately and is currently prospering in a new pot.

After three weeks of careful care during the germination process, allowing the seeds to undergo 5 days of germination before checking for sprouts. The best seeds that are available were planted during this process and received proper care. With water and light, along with fresh air and the proper humidity levels; the two plants have been growing in a small container for three weeks. This allows the plants to build a healthy root system before being transplanted to a bigger pot.

Original Photography Edited For Dr. Digital Philosophy Blog of Small Cannabis Seedling in a small container during seedling stage

As you can see from the image above, the small sprout is in a small container starting out and isn’t that big yet. During day 7 of the seedling stage, a small germinated seedling was planted on day five and within two days it sprouted into and lovely sprout that is now on it’s way to the next stage of development; the vegetation stage.

“Please be advised: germination of the seeds took place during a new moon and for best results, it is better to plant seeds during a full moon to allow a healthy root development of the plant.”

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As I mentioned previously, with items available on Amazon, this process was so much easier than making the grow environment on my own. Grow tents from Amazon is available now and on sale so check it out today.

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