Returning Nostalgia

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls Adventure

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

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Video Games & Retrospect

I remember being a kid and picking up a controller for the first time in my life. The game I was playing was “Super Mario 3″ for Nintendo. Taking that plumber through his two dimensional world was fun and exciting. It was new and I had no idea I was enjoying something that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

Now some people might say video games are a waste of time. People who play them are burnouts, nerds and anti social. This is far from being true since today a wide variety of people enjoy video games and since there are so many to choose from, there is always something for someone.

I recently found out about a oldie returning to Xbox Game Pass and was quite excited to see it again. I’ve spent hours upon hours enjoying the beautiful scenery in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The game is so in depth and detailed, it’s hard not to get hooked on it’s epic adventures. Roaming the world of Skyrim and all it has to offer.

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Skyrim game play on Xbox one featuring main character
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Above is a image from the new game I recently started. Skyrim offers action that allows players to delve into caves and dungeons where they face monsters, looters and even dragons. That’s right; dragons! Skyrim is all about fighting dragons and finding out hidden knowledge about the dragons. You are a dragonborne, a hero with the blood of a dragon that allows you to absorb dragons souls. This allows you to use a feature called shouts.

Xbox one game play of Skyrim during a visit in Whiterun
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Memories and Quest

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I’ve spent so many hours enjoying this game, as well as The Elder Scrolls: Obilivion; which was my favorite of all The Elder Scrolls Series. I remember finding it in a discount box at a store. It looked intriguing so I purchased it and returned home to try it out.

I’ll never forget the first time I played Oblivion; it was so new to me playing this type of adventure game. I ended up falling asleep playing it and didn’t find it interesting or even worthy of my time. I would wake up each day and try it again but assumed the game was broken since I couldn’t make it past the first part. Little did I know that once I got outside the castle dungeon, I was hooked. The Elder Scrolls went from being the most boring game I played to my all time favorite game.

Skyrim game play on Xbox one of main character speaking to a dark elf in a store
Skyrim Image 2021 Xbox One

Even today I reminisce on playing it and all the great memories of questing in Tamerial. The lore was great and I even enjoyed reading the books along the way. I became so inspired by how easy it was to role play. From reading books to sleeping in a bed, The Elder Scrolls had it all.

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Now that Skyrim is back, I know how ill he spending my time during the cold winter. I’ll be immersed in the cold province of Skyrim and enjoying the comforts of being inside, sipping hot chocolate and playing a memorable game like Skyrim again for the fifth time. What can I say? Its a great game overall and has everything you need to adventure this open world freedom environment.

The great thing about The Elder Scrolls Series by Bethesda and Zenimax is it’s enriched lore. The story is just as good as the game itself and leaves you wondering more about the mysterious world of Nirn. As I’ve said before, everything about this game including the easy, dynamics of the game play itself; as well as the story. So much happens during the Skyrim adventure and I highly recommend trying it out yourself.

Dovakin Returns

Skyrim is back with better graphics, mods available (for Xbox and PC) and a world of adventure waiting for you. The game is free if you have the Xbox Game Pass and for those who enjoy the Elder Scrolls series, you won’t be let down with the memorable items access. Along with a easy to access menu, magic and map; this game is worth giving a try.

I always found Skyrim didn’t quite get the reputation it could of. I know so many people who play other games and never even heard of the Elder Scrolls (besides ESO Online that is). When I do find someone who plays the game, it’s as if I’ve made a new best friend. The information regarding the series is intense and well put together for a game.

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If you are interested in purchasing the game, try Amazon for updated video games for PS5 and Xbox One. Pc is also available here and offers a wide variety of products and services. Amazon also allows customers to buy guides online that can be viewed via novel, ebook or even as a hardcover. Check out Amazon today for all the great deals and save big. Christmas is on the way so why not get that gift today and save via Amazon.

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