Growing A Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Cultivation 101: Stage 1 (Starting Out)

Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Marijuana plant stock photography with the words just plant
WordPress Stock Photography Of Cannabis Plant 2021

Germination Of Seed

During my time away from the Dr. Digital Philosophy Website, I had time to process things and see them in a new light (pardon the pun). Reading books purchased online on how to do things, while reading other peoples opinions online. Through blogs, books or even encyclopedia; information is everywhere these days.

So when I decided to (Legally: Canada allows up to four plants to be cultivated after the Cannabis Act 2018 was passed in Ottawa, Canada and became law) start something I always dreamed of doing; cultivating cannabis. Growing my own plant is overwhelming and time consuming but this isn’t my first time growing. I’ve made several mistakes before and probably will again. (Saying that I am allowing my plant to grow uninterrupted in a grow tent I purchased online) Sometimes mistakes happen and all we can do is learn from them.

First off, the germination stage requires delicate procedure and patience when waiting for the seed to split and sprout. Once it has done this of course, it is ready to be planted.

Soil prepared in a pot ready for planting
Original Photography 2021 Small Pots Are Best For Seedlings Development Stage

Cannabis grow pot for seedlings
Set Up Your Grow Space Before Germination Process

Germination Process Outlined

Glass of water with seeds germinating
Glass Of Water Method

Step 1: take the seed and place it in lukewarm water at about 18-22°C and then place the glass in a warm, dark room with humidity at about 70% humidity.

Step 2: try not to touch the seed with your bare fingers and instead use a pair of tweezers that is sterile. Be careful not to break or damage the seed but be sure that a good seed is strong. (Try pressing gently with the seed between your thumb and forefinger. If the seed breaks it is obviously no good but if the seed is still good after pressing gently; you got a good, strong seed)

Step 3: wait up to ten days for the germination process and try not to disturb the seedling or cause damage to the seed by disturbing it while in this process. It’s best to wait at least five days before checking and then if the seedling is sprouted with a white tip, it is ready to be planted. Of course, ten days is usually the time spent waiting for the seed to germinate.

Step 4: while waiting for the seed to start and have ready for planting, start getting your grow room together. I recommend a tent that is easily available on Amazon at a well affordable price. The tent uses reflective material, fiber material for insulation and a outer layer that is perfect for your cannabis plants.

Cannabis grow environment with LED light and grow tent
Inside A Grow Tent During Pre-Seedling Stage

Having everything ready is key when planting your first plants, so be sure to set up and check to make sure everything is in place for the next stage; The Seedling Stage.

Designer edited image by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Edited Original Photography Dr. Digital Philosophy

Paper Towel Method

A plant growing in the soil during seedling stage
WordPress Stock Photography October 2021

Step 1: take a plastic bag (it doesn’t have to be large), paper towel and lukewarm water (18-22°C so it’s not to hot and not too cold).

Step 2: soak the paper towel with water but no need to over do it. Just enough so it’s wet but not soaked. No need to over do it with too much water (although during this process the seed needs a damp, moist, warm environment that enables germination to happen).

Cannbis grow environment or grow tent prepared for growing
October 21st, 2021 during cultivation of cannabis plants named “Unknown Identity”

Stage 3: after the seed is placed on the paper towel roll, another moist paper towel should he placed on top of the previous paper towel, with the seedling. Tip: try not to touch the seed with your hands but rather, use a pair of tweezers to make as little contact as possible.

Stage 4: take the paper towel with the seed/seeds and place them inside the plastic bag. Then allow air inside the bag as if you were blowing up a ballon.

Stage 5: once everything is inside the bag (seeds, paper towel and oxygen), we can tie the bag off to make an environment for the seeds to thrive in. This allows them to sprout before being planted and ensures maximum success, proven time and time again.

Cannabis plants
WordPress Stock Photography 2021 Cannabis Plant

Time is the Key

Once you seal the bag airtight and have everything inside, you can place the bag in a warm, damp and dark area that allows the seed to thrive for 5-10 days during the germination cycle.

Make sure the seed has had plenty of time but saying that, if a seed is ready after 5 days; then it’s time to plant the seed and ensure it has a warm area that is between 20°C to 25°C while the sprout begins to grow. Allow the humidity to fluctuate around 70% and always check the ph to ensure the plant doesn’t die. Careful planning and care is required when cultivating a Cannabis Plant from Germination to Flowering.

Check back for more tips on growing Cannabis at home. Remember, it is only legal to have four Cannabis Plants so try not to do anymore than that since it is against the law and can cause problems if you decide to grow more than four.

Cannbis grow environment or grow tent environment
Prepare Your Space For The New Borns About To Sprout Anytime Soon

While taking on this endeavor of growing I purchased a great growing guide online through Amazon. Amazon has so many great deals and it arrived in no time at all. Guide to Marijuana Growing has helped me start growing Cannabis plants with the right knowledge I needed.

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