A New Writing Experience

Writing and All It Takes

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

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Today I slept in until lunch time, which is 12:00pm here in Newfoundland & Labrador. It was actually more like 11:51am but close enough to lunch time. I enjoy sleeping in and during my days I tend to do it more since I stay up late at night.

During the past several months, I’ve decided to work on a book. It’s a non-fiction and I have been steady working at it, reading page after page, correcting the errors made from each draft. I’ve added parts to each paragraph, chapter and even added extra photographs that I’ve recently taken over the past few weeks.

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words”

Mark Twain

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Of course writing is not the hard part of creating the book, but going back and rewriting the errors are tedious. It takes time and patience to re-read a single story over and over until your satisfied with the outcome of it.

Like anything it takes work. I find that my day may start late, at around lunch time as I previously mentioned; but staying up late to complete the work I need to do is necessary. To get to the final outcome, one must put the time and effort into what they produce. Taking pride in their work and observation made within the book itself.

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Moving Ahead & What it Means

Time moves forward, or so we think. It’s ever flowing cycles taking charge day after day, year after year. As our world spins, we call it moving ahead but it’s more like moving around. So you would think anyway. Wouldn’t you? Instead we say we move ahead.

We create and manifest throughout the weeks along with each cycle weather we know it or not. This all takes place on the stage we called the world and play along without knowing it. Of course, most people know how nature works as we examine it daily. With the world wide web available to half the world we also get to discuss and post daily events and activities.

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Dark Night Moon

It’s quite a phenomenal experience we take for granted these days, since 9ur grandparents and their parents had no access to such a extravagant, diverse and indulging experience. Yet, we loose it for a few minutes and we are lost these days. Years ago, our parents and grandparents had to find other ways of creativity or passing the time.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy

Back then it wasn’t as easy as buying a book online or relying on webpages that help outline a topic or idea. Giving a opinion that allows one reading tue material to move on with such a topic. Allowing you to obtain a huge amount of information into any subject at hand.

Remember though, your opinion may offend or be incorrect with regards to someone else so be careful what you write. Many works of literature has done harm over the years and caused more destruction than any sword has caused. A pen can have a slice, like a dagger in hand.

King of swords Tarot Card from Rider Waite Deck
Tarot Card King of Swords From Rider Waite Deck 2021

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