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Welcome Back

Author and Published by: Skinner J. Tyler

Welcome Back Stock Photography 2021

It’s been a while since blogging on Dr. Digital Philosophy and I want to apologize for not keeping up-to-date or leaving a message saying that I would be away for a while. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes out of our control. My account was locked out, I had no cell coverage for a while and recently we got a new puppy.

The puppy has been exciting since he’s new, tiny and so full of energy. He can be so bad but the problem is, he is so cute. He’s been quite the handful and has been keeping me and my partner busy. Up all hours of the night, cleaning up urine and other stuff, being waken up to a dog chewing on my face and then those awe moments when it’s just amazing how cute he is.

Puppy dog that has brown fur with a white patch on her chest
New Puppy 2021 Niko

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Quite the cutie that’s for sure but moving on, I would like to discuss our newest event; phase 5. This is a new experiment where we will be using many different topics and discussions about technicalities with growing plants. We will also provide videos on Digital Philosophy, our YouTube channel that is now available and on Season 4. Watch videos and see authentic material from Dr. Digital Philosophy.

Also, check out our newest addition of online videos available on Tiktok. We provide you with new and classic videos promoted, recorded and made by me, Dr. Digital Philosophy. We are back for more and has so much to offer during this phase of the experimental development of Project 2021-Digital Philosophy.

Black and white scenery photograph
.Original Photography 2021

During my time away, I’ve also been reading up on knowledge and finding out information that I never read before during my life. I highly recommend “Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom ” by Rachel Pollack.

It’s insight available to tarot and what the 78 cards mean are in depth and clear regarding how to read tarot. Along with learning how to read a spread, this book made the information available and easy to understand. It’s insight was easy to understand and clearly written in a way, where I could refer back to the text that I’ve previously read. This was important when purchasing the Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom from

Edited digital picture of graph that is glitched and exploited
Original Photography Edited By Dr. Digital Philosophy

There are so many things available these days. Weather it’s online or offline, I find the best way to pass time is by getting into something you enjoy. No one can be bored with so many topics available. History, science or the unknown; it’s all here for us to share so try everything.

Stock Puppy Dog Image from WordPress Stock Image
New Puppy

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