Being Happy In Today’s Society

Staying Positive

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Splash Photography Girl with Flowers smiling
Girl with Flowers

Positive Vibes

I wake up this morning, grab my things and head out. It’s a grey morning, not much sun out. Little specs of rain hit the windshield as we drive down the road. Not much of a day I thought to myself. I decide to check out Amazon as I usually do and see amazing deals online as usual.

As the rain falls and the day stays grey, I continue on down the road towards town. I live on the outskirts of town and about fifteen minutes away from the main town in the area. The community has about three hundred people living there right now. It’s a small rural community and quite the peaceful place. There’s no stores or shops for buying things, unless you go a town over which was where I was currently headed. Not many stores around which is why a lot of people rely on online stores like Amazon.

Port Aux Basques  Newfoundland scenery view
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland

Althought there is not much around such as shopping malls, restaurants like McDonald’s or a large Commercial business area, I enjoy the culture here in my home. Newfoundland & Labrador is a place unlike no other, with it’s cold summers, warm fall and even colder winters where the weather is unpredictable.

I’m happy here and that’s the important part of living. Having everything around you such as fresh air, country side and most of all; the fresh ocean air. Living next to the ocean is also a important part of living happily for me. Although not everyone is the same and everyone has something different that makes them happy, being thankful and grateful for the blessings one has, is the most important part of happiness.

Lady in flower field with arms stretched out while back on stock image from WordPress Library
Happy Stock Image from WordPress

What Makes Us Happy

Today’s world goes by fast and things happen quickly but if we take time to focus on the things that make us happy, we will find out the little things are closer than we think. They may be just around the corner or in your back yard. Even at the dinner table or talking on the phone. Happiness is blissful and seeing the good things instead of the bad.

Here are four things that make us happy as people:

  • People-there may be people in our life that makes us laugh, makes us smile or just plain makes us happy. Such people may include family, friends, etc;
  • Food– we all have a special kind of food we enjoy and it may not necessarily be one specific food but a kind of food or dish. Either way, we all enjoy a special type of dish that makes us smile when we see it or smell it;
  • Hobbies-we all have something we enjoy doing that allows the time to past, allowing us to learn or create something for ourselves. This could include collecting stamps or maybe you rather turn it up a notch by offroad biking and extreme sports;
  • Well Being-this if course is the last but not least of the four. We all have purpose in life and in order to maintain a purpose, we must have a overall positive well being about ourselves. If we constantly focus on the negative things, we will never see the importance of focusing on the positive things. Look for the good things in life instead of the negative image you portrayed and it will turn your life around; trust me.

Another way to focus on positive things is by going outside. Today I am sponsoring a new type of idea and one that is easily available here “Amazonhas so much to offer and with great value, anyone can enjoy the outside with this great brand. Amazon offers many types of products that are affordable and perfect to fit your everyday storage needs, workshop hide out or just a place to hang out. Visit Amazon for more information and get deals today.

Positive quote

So overall, be positive and stay happy out there. Focus on the good things and not all the bad. Remember, things can always be worst than they are. If we always focus on the negative side, then all we see is the negative side. Be positive and positive things will manifest in your world.

Meditation, exercise and eating healthy will help maintain this positive lifestyle as well. I found by eating more fruit and vegetables during the day, made me feel better throughout the day. Exercise would help clear my mind as well as maintain a quality shape. Meditation is my ritual and helps me focus on myself rather than pass judgment. It’s relaxing and helps with breathing, while remaining calm and relaxed.

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