Negative Endeavor

Negativity And It’s Affect In Today’s Society
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Hand in front of face for negative effects splash photography
Negative Effects

We all Suffer

Can you imagine a world without businesses? Can you picture a world without trade and enterprise? What about a world without services funded through government programs and local grants? What about a world without people? How would the world be? Who would benefit from the fruit, the sun beaming down on a hot day or the gift of love one has for a friend, relative, family member or neighbor? Who would enjoy all these everyday gifts we are so blessed to receive?

All of these questions probably receive the same answer as to the question and it’s probably no. Since it’s hard to imagine anything without people. Nature is all around us and the day is what we make it. So why does negative factors play a part daily during everyone’s lives, one time or another?

Tarot Card The World Rider Waite Tarot Deck
The World Rider Waite Tarot Deck

We live in a modern time where it is convenient to go to the local store if we need something to drink or eat. We get a craving or something is advertised on TV. Then it’s a matter of going out, ordering it up and indulging in it’s addiction is something we are all guilty of. The question is, what causes this?

If something goes wrong with our vehicle, we go to a local garage for repair. If we need help during difficult times we go to the local government agency for help or reach out to some program willing to help. All these services and products didn’t come overnight but instead they were developed over time and gave way to some of the most popular business operations we know today. Helping innovative individuals who didn’t have much, make a break through in today’s economy. Giving way to a new and easier way to do things. Helping people grow throughout their lives and giving them the opportunity to have a better life.

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Stressed Lady

A McDonald's Restaurant Stock Photography
The “M” we all grew up enjoying WordPress Stock Photography 2021

Moving Along Under Development

McDonald’s didn’t come about until 1954 when a man known as Ray Kroc visited San Bernardino, California. There he met two brothers known as Dick and Mack McDonald who had established a well developed restaurant. Kroc later went on to establish the McDonald’s franchise development we know and love today. The finest franchise worldwide McDonald’s Fast Food establishment has been around for decades and there’s a reason for that.

Now imagine if Kroc ignored the idea or didn’t act on his endeavor. Would we know the McDonald’s we know today? Would the development had happen? And how many times have we seen a opportunity and just let it slide? Probably more than you can imagine. Everyday we think of things, new ways of doing daily tasks that work better.

But what if we moved on the idea? Would we be where we are today? Would our idea work out or would we fail in the endeavor? What would take the place of the idea?

St. John's Newfoundland looking towards signal hill
St. John’s, Newfoundland

During the sunrise in St. John’s Newfoundland, I decided to take a picture of the Cabot Tower. The image is remarkable and it’s beautiful scene paints a image of opportunity during a new day. Signal hill is one of North America’s oldest park.

Moving on…

Endeavors & Overcoming

When it comes to exploring oneself and finding out who we are, we can often refer to the things we’ve accomplished over the years. Such as our education, work experience and how much we make.

But what about the missed opportunity we let go of?

Life goes so fast these days, that we often don’t have time to think about things we can achieve or that little voice in our head let’s us remember all that can go wrong. All the work we need to accomplish and all the hoops we have to jump through. So we let go of the idea and move on.

This of course may be based on our negative thoughts. We automatically make the assumption that our ideas are prone to failure before we even comprehend the idea as whole. Allowing past thoughts race around our head of failure and let down.

So how do we get through this? How do we think positively about our developments?

Positive Endeavors thumbs up splash photography
Thumbs Up

Through development of positive goals like exercise and eating healthy we allow our brain to feel successful from the little endeavors. This gives us positive thoughts and allows us to work on our process of moving forward and staying positive.

Another way of developing positive thoughts is through meditation and breathing exercises. This allows us to focus on our thoughts and process what we are thinking. It allows us to focus on our breathing and developing a positive, relaxed environment. One that allows positive thoughts to take hold during the meditation.

Meditation allows us to focus our thoughts and not let them slip into wandering ideas that manifest bad ideas. It’s about focusing your mind and wandering thoughts, while also focusing on your breathing.

Given our daily lives and rat race, it’s easy to fall victim to negative effects. Negative people tend to have an effect on us especially at times when we are at our worst. So chin up, keep a positive outlook. If you are down, remember this; “This too shall pass“.

Sunset mediation techniques splash photography
Arms up in the air

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