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Take Notes Whenever You Can
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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I have a small piece of advice for everyone today. A small bit of information that can help you marginalize your time and how much you get done. This piece of information isn’t seen or used much today but the scatter entrepreneur still carries with them a notebook, or folder, binder; that is something to document key points and take notes whenever and wherever possible.

It’s easy to do and everyone has access to paper and pen (most people anyway). Or maybe you prefer a small notebook. The thing is, taking notes of everyday activities may be a new way of keeping track of everyday routines. It can also be a great way of looking back and looking at your daily activities, like a journal.

One Easy Skill To Try

By using this skill or tiny piece of information you can keep track of your thoughts and things you hear about or come up with during the day. We all have the ability to create and by caring a notebook with you; you can always pick up information along the way that may be useful someday soon. You never know what you can think of, the easily forget about it. It tends to happen a lot more than you might think actually. Cam you imagine coming up with a new approach to industry not yet heard of, while taking the bus? With a notebook, you can easily record your notes but if you want to remember, most likely you will be caught up in something else during the day and forget about it. We all do it but we can keep track and relocate our thoughts.

I’m sure many of us had an idea and wished we written it down. We should of since it could be a million dollar idea.

I find that today most people use their phone to keep track of things but I’ve found the phone is always good at keeping track of a lot of data and it can be easily lost which is why I use a pen and paper. I write everything that I find informative down and always review later. Reviewing is important as well and may help fix up any previous mistakes or problems made during the first draft. Review the draft and fix up the next draft for a better presentation of the work.

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Book and Glasses on a Table

Take time to keep notes over your course and document as much as you can. This will allow you to always look back and see what ideas you have and what you find important. Writing notes will help you develop a understanding of who you are as well and I am a firm believer in documentation during these dark times. They are far from over and there is more yet to come during these new times and new developments happening all around us.

I find the best place to get amazing deals on notebooks and pens are through which allows you to access so many products. Shipping is free for prime members and takes no time at all. I use Amazon and find it great for my location. There isn’t many shopping malls around and Amazon allows me to access a wide variety of products and services.

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Moonlight Morning

Taking notes will give you insight into what you experience throughout each day. Allowing a inside view of everything you document over the short time we have. Keeping notes and ideas in a book that will hold important information over time and allowing you to refer back to material from previous experiences. Many people do this for keeping track of phone numbers, addresses and so on.

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Making reference to your material and where you obtained information can also be relatively useful when reporting or writing a article. People like to know what and where your information is referring to or where the information came from. This allows people to research your material with insight into the topic you are talking about or discussing. This allows transparent information to be obtained and is important when collecting information online and offline.

Most people today do research online, using Wikipedia and other references that offer useful knowledge that is realistic and relevant to the topic they are looking into. Social Media Applications like Quora and Reddit, allows users to discuss topics online as well as gain insight into the topic being discussed. Unlike years ago, we can now discuss a novel online with someone on the other side of the world.

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This tip will help anyone develop the important part of documents and keeping a record throughout our lives for others to see many years, even after we are gone. A record of something small may be a big deal later in life and probably without us realizing it.

Notes Are Valuable And Reliable

Taking notes today is valuable when receiving information. Jot down a note on paper, save a voice recording or jot a note in your mobile device. Either way you can see it later on and under a new light.

I find when I look at something for the second time, I tend to see things I’ve missed during the first draft or during development. And like all pencils has erasers, we all make mistakes right. Grammar and spelling when writing any type of article, is important as it adds how you are seen as an author and what it is you are presenting; so presenting with authenticity is valuable and important.

When writing a blog of course, it seems that today abbreviations and emojs are not cause for concern. It shouldn’t either since we talk with a different type of language online today using emojs, abbreviations and memes. It’s a new era as I said before and we all take part. We are all part of the herd today, like lambs headed towards the slaughter.

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Skeleton Image

Stay tuned there is a lot more coming up and developments waiting to be announced soon!

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