The Flag is at Half Mast Today, Some Did Not Return

Our Fallen Brothers, Our Fallen Heroes
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Americans Flag For Fallen Brothers fighting for freedom in stock photography
United States Flag

There are no Words…

The picture above is a image that represents patriotism, freedom and democracy for the people. It has been trampled on, burnt and torn apart over the last several years but it still hangs high on that American Soil. Where the flag stands for freedom and what mean gave up to allow us to be who we are today, on our own accord. The flag is for honor and fallen heroes who gave their life and will never be forgotten. We remember!

Today though I write with sadness and unease, with sorrow, sadness despaired and rendered into anger, along with hatred of the corruption and lies we hear daily. The hurt and neglect that has been passed over without proper thought or necessary actions that should of been applied. But tossed aside without any regard or remorse for the heroes who defend our freedom’s daily.

Today we shed tears because when one of us fall for freedom and when a hero is lost; it hurts all of us and throws us in a pit of horror. As a people of freedom and patriotic duties; we all hurt when we lose our fallen brothers who give their lives for our freedoms and democracy. They are the heroes, the fathers, the mothers and the sons and daughters of those who knew those fallen soldiers; who risk their lives daily to protect ours and allow us to walk freely, talk freely and be free.

They were left behind when they needed us…..that’s the hard part to understand.

Army United States Fallen Heroes splash photography from pexel
Four soldiers standing on guard while a helicopter flies in the background

Today the flags are at half mast for the lost of fallen soldiers who gave their lives for protection of the men and women in Afghanistan, protecting those outside of our borders and maintaining law and order throughout the world. Protection of the families and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It’s the most honored deed, anyone can do for someone. It’s a great opportunity when we can help protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Left Behind, Disregarded and Disrespected; We Won’t Forget

I take a moment of silence here as I remember those who have risk their lives for our freedoms and our rights. Apthough it is hard to accept and have been every since it started. I never forget the men and women who fight for our freedom everyday. Along with the men who fell in the past during World War 2 when tyranny was taking hold and caused mass destruction to the human race. I may be Canadian but I know Americans; they are a proud, honorable, strong, hard working everyday people and I stand beside them during this dark time.

But even then; men weren’t left behind and every men were rescued from the concentration camps throughout Germany in WW2. Today we see madness and sadness during the devastating events that took place after today and over the past several months, with the leadership of individuals who are not able to lead, go on with their corruption and lies to wreck the great United States; where people have been building up it’s economy for years. It hurts me to see this going on, with all this divide currently taking place.

This is shameful and disgraceful when the leader of a country cannot protect their own men. God Bless the men and women in the United States of America.

War Troops American Heroes splash image
Soldiers Entering A Military Aircraft

I shed a tear for my brothers and sisters in America who suffer this loss and we feel your hurt. We must stand together and take a stand for ourselves, our children and what we know is right. Let’s stand together and remember our fallen heroes today. Take a moment and give silence for those who gave their lives for us and for our rights.

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