Psychology 101: The Brain

Intro To Psyche: The Brain
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

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Psychology 101

During the weekend I decided to take a course online that allowed me to sit through lectures, read articles and literature about Introduction to Psychology. It’s an interesting course so far and very informative, interesting, insightful course and the layout is great. The professor is spectacular in presenting and informing the students about the related material. Psychology of complex but so far he has been breaking down the basics and starting with the brain.

Where else would you start when presenting psychology? The brain is a organ, just like our heart and liver but it conducts how we think, act and behave daily. The presented material is off to a great start and I am intrigued by what’s to follow. Psychology is interesting and explains so much more about who we are as people.

Psychology is a topic that is quite interesting as it offers topics that many can relate to. Such as how we perceive a person based on our everyday environment or suffering from a mental disability like depression. Psychology offers insight into developing patterns to help us cope and understand who we are and what causes psychological patterns to develop in our brain.

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Psychology Starters

I find the introduction to courses offered online to be convenient and easy to browse information available to anyone looking to study in depth material. The best part is how it is presented by an actual professor who teaches in a high level university throughout the world.

I’ve found Coursea helped me develop new skills and understanding for topics that is not easily available online through YouTube or tiktok. The courses it offers are free without a certificate but you get all the knowledge and content to absorb and study. That’s a huge amount of information available to you for free. It’s easy to use and offers many different courses online, weather you want a certification afterwards or would rather the information instead; Coursea offers something for everyone.

Isn’t that wonderful?

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Here at Dr. Digital Philosophy we promote and inform individuals like yourself on how to gain inside access as I do. That’s why I write blogs that focuses on news and updates website for promotional content and discounts available today. We offer many types of premiums and services that allow you to join with the advantage of free information. Try it today! Check out Coursea, where you can obtain skills and develop new strategies today!

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School Of Life

We all develop some type of skill over time regardless of where we go to school or what we do for a job; we all have some specialty that we are always able to do and most times without even realizing it. Some are talented and play the drums in a band, while others study cells as a biological scientist who is good at math; did well in school and now works in a lab.

We all develop some type of skill or technique that is useful. As I mentioned most times, we are all different and unique; growing and learning about ourselves as well as the world around us. Development of social circles and the needs to survival throughout our daily life. That’s human nature and our institutions to survive is probably our most important skill above all.

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Psychology is a relatively good subject since it is related to everyday life and overall development of our minds as humans. I think introduction to Psychology would be rewarding and allowing me to develop a understanding for myself, the psyche of others and how mental illness develop over time. This course is inspiring and interesting to learn about the human psychological aspects that affect us today.

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A New Outlook During October

During October, instead of posting content and images that help provide people with a perspective with the articles I write. From daily lifestyle to online digital arts; Dr. Digital Philosophy provides many insightful topics. Topics that provide information and help people learn from experience and research I’ve picked up throughout my life.

Saying that, I learned many things over the years while attending school (barely classes since I got good grades), working away at jobs in Canada and studying many different courses such as Pharmacy, Marine Duties and Marine Engineering. All which helped me progress throughout my life as a Sailor, mechanic and artist.

Over my life I’ve also played in a band as a lead guitar player. I don’t play so often anymore but back in the day I could rock out any Metallica Song. I’m not bragging but I enjoyed my youth learning new riffs on the guitar night after night. Patience was the key when it came to learning the instrument throughout the years.

All these questions are important today and a reason I chose to take “Intro to Psyche”. The topic has been interesting already and it has barely started. I highly recommend the course and will keep you updated on our endeavors; as Dr. Digital Philosophy progresses through a new Phase of the Coastal Agency Agenda 2120. We invite anyone who is interested in development and upcoming events to follow us here: where we present videos on tiktok that is updated frequently and new content available weekly.

We also offer a new development at YouTube and offers content that is Original and authentic. Digital Philosophy is a online web series that offers Season 1 to 3 of our newest developments in video. Check us out today for our newest season available now at:

Information regarding our new online series that offers a new approach to what we have been showing you; check it out today. We update frequently and weekly so stand posted for more to come.

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Don’t forget that there is a huge amount of material and content available online and available for free. Courses offered by university professionals at Coursea and YouTube offers so much content daily; almost anything is available and can be informative. Reach out today for available resources and all free of charge to you; our valued clients.

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