The Day Passes, Into The Next

Another Day, Another Hour

Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Daylight summers flower during fall
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Cypto Ending

Today I spent most of my time learning and developing a way to develop a new, useful application through Android. Through coding or Java, the possibilities are endless. It’s been quite a task, I can assure you. Building an android app isn’t easy but it isn’t that complicated either. It all comes down to machine learning and algorithms.

Luckily for me, there is so much information online to help with this endeavor and isn’t going to happen overnight I’m afraid. Coding is like learning a language, except it’s a language that helps us talk to computers through Java or other tools. Learning the language isn’t that hard to do, of course; it isn’t that simple either.

This is why I’ve taken the time to study and look into development of Android Apps and IPHONE Apps. This has been a new endeavor and I haven’t quite gotten it down due to the sophisticated development process needed, to develop a well organized application. One that works for everyone who uses it, without the bugs and without the headache.

Tarot Card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Development Is Best Used While Reading All Materials Throughout (Image Is From The Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Now it’s evening again and growing dark outside, I can’t believe how quick the day has gone by. Unfortunately for me, my plans are put on hold until tomorrow since tomorrow is Monday of course and everything starts up again with the beginning of a new week for business and development. The banks and post offices are open, giving me the opportunity to make appointments and book some time with a person who can sort all these things out. It’s not so easily done when looking for the right person to do it, in a small town.

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As I sit here and wonder, I feel the day passes by without my grasping and it is gone. I like to browse during days like today. Check out deals available here on Amazon Kindle. I’ve ordered a few books from now and not only were they great and informative but also arrived very quickly. The packaging was very well done and the product was the same as if I took if off the shelf in a store. I am very impressed with Amazon and hope to order more items soon.

It seems though that’s how it’s always been really; time drifting away every so quickly all based on what we comprehend as time anyway. Isn’t time just flowing though? Not in any direction that is linear but like a bowl of water, it changes form, it manifested life and it can be solid, liquid or a gas. Can time too, also be a solid or a liquid? Or even a gas?

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Sunlight Through The Trees

Digital Philosophy Season 4

Written and New

I have recently come to terms with the fact that although I’m not perfect, I’ll never be perfect. I live my life and everything right now is alright and it’s how I live it. During this development of course I am taking a new path towards my own business endeavors. It isn’t easy and no one said it would be of course, since it’s a difficult endeavor to embark on. It hasn’t been a easy road to take when it’s taking my own path.

Although, going back to the easy life and being dependent on a pay check that isn’t coming or related documents that is not being available due to the dissertation in the chaos of it all. (Politics) Yet, here we are; moving ahead and developing our own understanding of it all. Yet; it’s all built around chaos and nothing working like it should, unfortunately for us.

Although, we can’t sit around and worry all day either. Our world keeps moving forward into the next moment in space, one wheel is pushing the other. We see day to day but it is very small scale when you think about how massive our universe is.

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Digital Splash Photography

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