End Of A Season

End Of The Summer
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

End of the summer splash photography with sunglasses on a beach
End of The Summer

August 28th, 2021

It’s the end of COVID19, it’s the end of the month and it’s the end of the summer. Like the beginning, there must always be an end to everything. After all; every beginning must come to an end of course. Nothing lasts forever as the saying goes. And what is a beginning without a ending.

As the seasons change, the ending to each is inevitable and always changing. As weeks become months and months become years, the four seasons make up our concept of time. It’s what gives us a understanding of knowing when the sun will rise and when it will set, along with when the season will change and when the year will end.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog or written anything at all for that matter. Sometimes life has a way of getting you down and I take time to recuperate, catch up on some well needed rest. So I apologize since I have been having a off week and been feeling a little lost recently. It seems no matter how hard I try sometimes, I am further behind than I am ahead. It makes no sense to me and it becomes discouraging at times, with nothing to do about it but accept it for what it is; a bad week. A bad day that creeps up and nothing goes right during those days.

Saying that, I decided to pick it back up and start fresh. Start off where I left off. Like the seasons, our cycles come to an end and we move on into the next one. So weather it’s a good day or a bad one, everything has a ending. It’s a part of life of course and without endings, we would be stuck in a never ending loop or cycle. Every season has an ending and as we progress into the next season, it changes the environment around us and changes us as people. We grow as the seasons go by and the years move into the next.

I find the quote above is relative to the topic so I decided to share it with you. We all make our own choices if course and that’s how me move forward. Learning and growing as people, as well as a society of people living day to day. Inspiration is all around us and it is a bliss to enjoy it each and every day. Enjoy it, while you can; life is short and goes by quickly. If we don’t take advantage of the present moment, it can go by quickly; like a flash.

The Next Day

We start each day usually by waking up to the sun coming up or the sun going down; either way it’s how we start our day and everyone is different of course. We may get up and have a coffee and some of us may choose to go for a jog or run. Either way, we start each day off by doing our own ritual. It’s a new day but not much different than the last one. Yet we think of it as moving forward and in some retrospect, we are. We get older and we grow as people.

It’s evening here now where I live, since I enjoy the evenings more so than the mornings, I spend most of my time being up at night rather than during the day. I find the quietly shared night peaceful and relaxing. Yes, like a vampire. Although, I’m pretty sure I’m not a vampire, since I don’t drink blood.

Either way, it is a new day and a new time to start the end of the summer with something new. I’ve always enjoyed that about the seasons, as one door closes; another one opens, weather we like it or not. It’s a part of everyday life. We get up, we move forward by making each others day or just enjoying each other. We may have hobbies or daily chores we do to get through the day. Some people enjoy being alone while others thrive with company around. Either way we are who we are, and we are all different. It’s what makes us interesting and causes us to learn from each other.

During the summer, I’ve always enjoyed swimming. Jumping into the lake or pond and enjoying a cool swim on a hot day. It’s something I did every since I was a kid. I can even still remember when I was learning to swim. The excitement and experience of the summer sport was one I cherish and hold dear. My Dad taught me to swim and many other things, so take advantage of being able to learn from others. We aren’t around forever and someone may teach you something in life, that can benefit you many years to come. All you have to do is listen.

Night sky 2021 summer by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Night Sky


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