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Heat Wave, Cool Nights

Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Fire Summer Night splash photography
Fire During Summer Night

August 25th, 2021

Today is a hot day. I found it so hot today, I had a hard time getting out of bed. I’m not use to hot weather anymore since I was home all year in Newfoundland. I slept all day today and only recently got up from my deep slumber. Given that I have been working non stop, I think the reason for sleeping so long is because I needed the rest. Long days and long nights have left me feeling exhausted and drained throughout the week. There has been so much going on lately and with everything I’ve been doing, it’s no wonder I collapsed.

I sometimes don’t know how to start when I first get up. I forget how to go about the day as if it was my first day being self employed or first day getting up out of bed for that matter. Although, it is new to me; it isn’t my first day. I should be use to this by now since it’s nothing new. Working for myself is different but getting up and tackling the day is the same as it’s always been. We all know this feeling of waking up, not wanting to but knowing we have to get up and go to work. It is the only way we survive and are able to earn enough money to get by.

It is overwhelming though, experiencing this new path I’ve recently taken. Exploring new opportunities and learning new things everyday. I’ve open my mind up to everything there is to explore and experience. It’s been quite exciting. Realizing now that I have been pretty close minded in the past and being obnoxious with things I had no idea about. It’s not just an epiphany but a whole new perspective towards seeing and understanding things. Not just how one would perceive such topic but how one can look at it in many different perspectives regardless of egotistical, stubborn and selfish wants of just “being right”.

Selfie Image of myself by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr. Digital Philosophy Self Photography 2021 Original

Always Exploring

I’ve found that even as a kid I was always interested in new things. Always exploring new ideas and new topics of interest. The thing is that everything is interesting. I can get lost in a book about history or a documentary that talks about the solar system. There is so much out there today to become interested in and involved with.

There is so much information available today it’s impossible not to lose yourself in topics available and discussed. From Science to Arts, there is so many topics to explore, books available to read and videos presenting many topics. Movies and video games everywhere that all involve stories and dialog that is intended to draw the audience in and entertain.

Self image editing  by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr. Digital Philosophy

With so much available today, I find Amazon has so many products available and can be shipped to your door in no time at all. In my area there isn’t many places to by items that are required for my hobbies and interest; Amazon makes it easy to order and has been spectacular with presentation of products, shipping is quick and the products aren’t over priced or expensive. Try Amazon today and get everything you need at the click of a button.

Computer desk splash photography
WordPress Stock Photography 2021 Updated

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