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Another Crazy Day

What Is Happening Out There?

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I look around and all I see is a world descending into chaos and remaining at the low frequency level of the CHARKA. Giving way to anger and spite towards some pity argument from the year before last. Where does it get us? Where do we end up? Well, that’s easy to answer, since if we go back to our old ways; we’ll end up right back where we were and we always been in chaos.

Now given that, me and most of my generation of millennials did not fight in any major wars. Of course, there were still wars going on at that time as they still are today. It’s sad to see that even after years of dictatorship and tyranny being brought down to the lost of millions of men and women. Millions of people who are our fathers, mothers and grandchildren or nieces had their lives taken, fighting for the freedom we have today.

We should all be thankful that we still hold on to freedom. We honor those who have their lives for our freedom. Yet it’s still another crazy day with chaos all around us. The news media spreads it’s propaganda, making sure we are always worried and always taking in negative events. Sometimes the real things going on in the world, isn’t even covered on the news half the time. It’s sad to see what the media has become.

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Soldiers boarding a Military Plane

It seems the world has descended into chaos as Shiva dances in Switzerland, the world burns slowly as we sleep through the darkness; ignorance of the true nature and what it’s endeavors really are. Do we see the truth? Do we just ignore the facts? Are the lies really easier to acknowledge? Not seeing the light until it is upon us and burning us as if we are like moths; drawn to the light but burned by the flames. Ignorance is bliss they say and it sure seems to me that it most definitely is. Especially in today’s society and world of online videos, massive news agencies and indoctrination diversified worldwide. Just my opinion though!

So as we move forward into this chaos, I would recommend you all stay safe out there and God Bless. We are all in this together and if we all stand together, we can move forward taking on the here and now; living in the present moment. Not worrying about the what if and thinking about the future, while living in the moment and all that it has to offer.

I find using meditation techniques help with breathing as well as clearing one’s mind. Allowing peace and relaxation to take form during the practice. I highly recommend trying it out and since I’ve practiced meditation, I now feel healthy and in great shape.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy

I haven’t written in a few hours so I figured I would get back to another ritual I enjoy doing daily now; and that is blogging. I enjoy getting things off my chest or ideas that bring up thoughts are sometimes best written down and reviewed. It helps me throughout my day and allows me to see my thoughts and what they become, over time.

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