During the Madness

Writing Is One Freedom We All Have; Let’s Embrace It
Authored & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

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During The Dark Night

Our Lives As Of Now

During the pursuit of my career as a self employed, entrepreneur; I plan on trying many things. Opening myself up to the experiences in life instead of worrying about money, or the way I have to live or even dwindling away daily like some livestock, working somewhere I dislike or just never getting anything done. Nothing that matters to me anyway, only the people I work for daily. It doesn’t really make much sense does it?

Over my life I’ve noticed many people and I’ve listened to their tales of life and traditions; trying to see life and everyday events from their perspective. Understanding their culture while I listen in ignorance. We are all people, who live on this earth at different geographic locations and living through different eras. We have many different cultures that may do things differently from another culture but that doesn’t make them any different than us.

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Reading A paper afire

Everyone has a way of doing things that works for them and their society. To them, we are different too. This of course isn’t news but it is relevant to everyday society and life as we move forward during these times, we need to focus on the problems we can all work through, together. Not wasting time on the color of our skin or what type of religion we follow, but learning to work together and as a whole.

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We Need To Learn To Work Together

Today it took me a while to write because I’ve been watching the madness online and throughout this global awakening. It’s sad to see a terrorist group now run a capital and it should be taken with great consideration of what is to come. The Tallaban has taken the Afghanistan Capital and now rule it as a government (although there is something strange about the whole thing, something unusual as it seems), since they are now recognized as a government in charge.

Pay attention to the details of this madness! We would of never of seen this any other time during the past presidency or in any other alternate reality besides this current one; and this one tends to get a bit crazy. It seems it has already out of control and with very little time.

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There’s such thing as righteousness and there’s madness; both seem to look the same. It usually isn’t though and that’s why I believe we need to start understanding more instead of following blinded politicians who do less and less for the people year after year. It’s sad that we are stuck in such a loop but what else do we know besides war and hate. It saddens me to think of such madness throughout the world.

Well keep you updated on this article sense we have so much more to share with you. We are now allowing a new approach to appear on the stage and everyone is watching. Get ready for the show because we are about to descend into a new era during this move forward.

Only the peaceful ones can truly live peacefully. Too much hate and destruction has caused too much pain. This will only repeat if this goes on, we will descend into a apocalyptic time with the hell that comes with it. If you live with hate and anger, then all you’ll know is hate and anger. It is what you make it and this level of terrorism is unjustified in my opinion.

What we do now is take caution and realize we are not alone. We are being watched and we are watching at the same time. Let’s make this world a better place and not one it’s experienced many times over. Listen to the signs, pay attention to the trees; it’s all around you and available to everyone. Peace and Love!

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