The Three Wicked Sisters

Three Wicked Crones

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Witch 1 During The Setting splash image
Witches Poem

Knock, knock, knock….. Who’s there?

"Who is that I hear at my door,
During this hour, during this downpour"

"The lighting strikes, the thunder roars and the rain comes down, down it pours"

"I'm here to meet a lady of the woods, a alchemist, the lady with the hood"

"She is blind but can see, she is beautiful, scared, rip and lean;her darkness rips sorrow,all mens hearts sway";

"....Come right in, right this way".

2nd Witch of The Woods Of Wicked splash image
Witch Two

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She stared across the field at him; glaring straight ahead

"You have some guts, coming here,
A man of mortal, doubt and fear"

"You slew my sister, they say you spilled out her guts,
Then you left her there,
Ignorance, casting and betrayal stewing; manifestation";

"They say I killed a mighty witch, but all I did was slit her quick",

"She cried, she wept, she sorrowed and screamed,
But in the end, her death was clean".

"Stupid Mortal, you can't stab a witch,
She must burn at the stake, fire and brimstone, glory if this is true".
3rd witch of wicked splash image
Woman Splash Photography Witch Three

She cast a spell or so they say…

"There he saw a beautiful girl, who's beautiful, pure, eyes did glare."

"Come closer mortal and you shall she,
The secret key to life, is written in everything"

"There is numbers, letters and symbols of all kinds,
Leading you here,
Leading to your demise".

3 sisters Poem photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Glitched White Rose

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