The Experience Of Life

Starting Over Again

Author and Published: Skinner J.Tyler

Night Stars scene in splash photography
Night Splash Photography

Night And Day

Today I wake up later than most days, in a daze almost. It was hard waking up today since it was almost 10pm before I got out of bed. It’s not like I get much sleep or anything, so when I do; I usually sleep for a day. Becoming an entrepreneur has been made up of working long hours, up all night and keeping everything prioritized. It’s all important when it comes to self employment.

The thing about working for myself is the fact I’m working for me. Working for what I believe in and making the world a better place, even if it’s starting at home. I believe that’s important as well, if your trying to change the world, start at home first.

Trees and the Sky View in original photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr Digital Philosophy

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Why I Do It

I’ve come to enjoy this new path I’ve taken which includes building websites, selling items through and investing in the stock market. It’s been quite the journey so far I must say. I’ve been running a local taxi service which picked up fast at first but has been quite slow lately. Coastal Linkz is the name of this company and it’s my first start up company. I’m proud to say I’ve actually started something up that made a tiny profit. It’s a good feeling.

It’s a sense of pride when you make a profit from something you build yourself. It’s a feeling of knowing that you can succeed and overcome, with a small amount of imagination. I didn’t think I could ever do something of the sorts and here I am today. I work hard, long hours but it has all been worth it this far. I’ve found a path that works for me and a reason to get up in the morning (or night), to take on the day.

It’s not easy investing in yourself but some very few have done it and have made millions, if not billions of money from their ideas and innovations. Of course, it takes time and energy to do this sort of thing. It doesn’t happen overnight either, you have to stride day after day to get peoples interest.

Today’s world needs people who are creative and innovative. We all need more people who can help others but showing the world their ideas and innovations. Plus the fact is, they would benefit from the company they build. As I said before though, it’s a risky business to invest in one’s self.

Night scene of original photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Updated Edited Photography 2021

Sky Scene splash photography
Sky Splash Photography

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