North at 90°

North Pole Journey

Star Night Sky stock photography
Night Sky

The Stars At Night

Star light, star bright, oh what a night it is. I love a clear night when the stars are out, shining bright along with the moon. The luminous light shining bright from the sky upon the sea and land. A glimpse of the night is magnificent and magical, all wrapped up into this glorious night. One unlike no other ever seen before during this night.

I remember being young and always amazed with the stars and sky. Looking up more than I looked down, seeing the most spectacular nights sky and all that it was made up of. Shooting stars would zoom by as I made a wish, the moon shining ever so bright and the light of each star was so bright at times, it was unbelievable. I always enjoyed those nights and seeing the beautiful sky during each night.

Northern Lights Auroa Artic stock photography image
Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

During my travels, I once sailed north to the North Pole on a government ship called the Louis St. Laurent. We sailed many places throughout Canada but the trip to the North Pole was the most memorable. The sights, the scenes, the different types of animals and the constant daylight. It was quite the journey, I’ll say that.

When I first joined the Coast Guard Ship, The Louis S. St. Laurent; I had no idea where she was headed or what adventures lay ahead. That quickly changed after I got on board.

I found my room on the 5th deck and packed away my belongings. I can still remember the smell and the excitement of being on a new ship with a new job. (I sailed before that but only around the Great Lakes Canada/United States of America)

While up North I was able to see the most beautiful nights sky during my journey. The sky would light up with the Northern Lights in the North Artic Sky. It was magnificent beyond compare and breath taking to say the least. The beauty of it all was one in a lifetime but I was able to take it all in during my time there. Observation of all the details presented in the Artic. Enjoying every moment as it was my last time to ever be there again.

Polar Bear During the Artic Trip original image taken while in the North Pole
Polar Bear

Set Sail To 90°

The North Pole has so many sights to see, as previously mentioned but there was a different feeling while up North. While I was there, I was amazed to find a different type of world; yet so close to home and so far away. The Inuit and the way they live daily is wonderful to experience. The animals moving south due to the lack of food for themselves are causing mass migration or starving polar bears. Polar Bears, Narwhales and seals of all kinds were present during most of the trip.

Oh! Did I mention there were a lot of icebergs. Huge icebergs at times and some of the biggest I have ever seen but after seeing so many, they all seem to look the same. Since after all, it is a block of ice.

To see the glaciers and the sights of the cliffs where one to behold. Sailing up there was different and not something I could get use to. The nights sky during the winter months and daylight during the summer months. The cold wasn’t enjoyable but it was the North Pole. 90° North was quite a trip and one I’ll never forget quite too soon. One where I met so many people near and far, from my home, it was always one I will remember that’s for sure.

North Pole Ice splash photography
Broken Ice

If you ever get a opportunity to go somewhere for work, or sail to another part of the world; try it out. You will be amazed at what you can see in this world and the people you will meet, can be life changing. I found while sailing, there were people from all over the world. I even remember meeting a couple of scientists from Japan during one period of the trip.

Top of the world map tracking trip to the North Pole
North Pole 90°

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