Law of Manifestation

The Power of Laws

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
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Last time we talked about the laws of attraction and how the law of magnetism has an affect on people as well as objects and everything around us. Of course, this attraction has specific rules that allow the magnetism or law of attraction to take place.

The Laws And Their Power

When I first read about the laws of attraction I was sailing on the Great Lakes between Canada and the United States Of America. My friend gave me a book called “The Secret” and I decided to give it a read, since I had nothing else to read at that time. He highly suggested it as well, so I said why not.

Upon reading the book, I quickly became familiar with the Laws of Attraction. It states that these laws have energy within their states and the power of these laws are very real. Dhring that time I doubted most of the book and called it silliness.

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The Law of Manifestation

A law I’ve come to pay mind to recently, is the law of manifestation. This law states that given whatever it is you focus your mind towards, weather bad or good; you can manifest such atmosphere, event or other activities out of just wanting it and focusing in that item of interest. Even without realizing it, what you think is what you manifest.

So weather you realize it or not, whatever your day is made up of; you manifest. Pretty basic and simple if you think about it. Although sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes we have to see the black and white before we can come to terms with what we manifest.

So saying that, I recommend staying positive and keep healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, a well balanced diet and even meditation can help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember what you want in life, you can manifest; by thinking and working towards whatever it is you desire.

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