Mysticism & The Laws

Knowledge Gained Through Understanding

Author & Published By: Skinner J.Tyler

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It's a new era we are currently moving towards, a new future that isn't quite the way we seen in movies from the past and is strange, yet unknown. The unknowing is the interesting part of suspense and future events to come or not to come. 

You see I want to give you a tiny piece of information that will help anyone researching strange happenings or unknown flying objects; and that is the fact we are living in a moving, alternate reality that although hard to explain in one blog, can be put together piece by piece. 

We already know that most things and objects, usually come in twos. Two genders (although I do believe anyone and everyone has the right to chose their own gender, given it's a choice and not a complex personality of radicalized control), made up of Male and Female. Their bonding and sensuality is made up of attraction. This of course is a law and happens without comprehensive cognitive thinking but rather by reading the other sex and being attractive to that person without even realizing it at that moment. 

This Law of Attraction is best known as the Law of magnetism. Where two energies are drawn towards one another almost immediately, like a magnet pulling the metal towards it without judgement.

Isn't love quite the same? Don't we sometimes fall for someone immediately, without even realizing who they are? What causes this? 

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Energy Draws

The law of magnetism states that we as people draw into our life the people, objects, events and everyday circumstances that affect us. Weather we want to admit it or not, we are usually the cause of our own lives. To some extent we can say that but during the first nine months of development within the womb, we have very little choice of what we draw. Saying that, even after birth there is a small line of what we draw, given our structured state.

But then, as we grow we develop as people and we choose who and what we allow into our daily lives. Who we are friends with is not by accident (maybe at first) and what we choose to maintain or put up with is up to us. I think we can make the best of everyday and get more from drawing positive energy, rather than giving into negative, dark manifestations that are unnecessary and usually doesn’t do any good for anyone.

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Laws And Other Regulations

The law of magnetism states that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to where we are or what we do with our daily lives. We are the choosing of our own paths and we bring in our own tragedy. This is why I choose to wake up each day and meditate on the positive side, maintaining a overall positive outlook on my daily life. I contemplate my dream the night before and what it meant, allowing for a understanding of my subconscious and what it tells me.

There are many ways to draw the right people and circumstances in your life. Of course, this all starts with you, since it’s your life and you can chose by the glory we have called “Freewill”. I’ve learned long ago that I am the creator of my own business and generate my own environment. That is why these days I research, I listen to others and I study more. Reading all areas and aspects available and hard to reach.

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In conclusion, we all have the power to create what goes on around us or allow what happens during our day. Follow me here on Blogancy for more insight into the Laws of Attraction and other knowledgeable information into everyday life, mystery and events.

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