Make The Best Of Each Day

Friends, Family & Everyone Else

Author and Published by: Skinner J.Tyler
White Rose Flower on a bright sunny day by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Flowers During A Sunny Day

There are some days where I get up and my day is followed by nothing going right, everything is out of place and then to top it off, the phone is dead because it was off the charger all night. One of those days where I accept all it has to toss at me. Right away, your day isn’t off to a good start. Those days are sometimes a struggle to get through. It gets harder as the day progresses and only moves ever further into the abyss, causing a bad day. Until finally we go to bed where we can relax, let go of the bad day and rest. Hopefully the next day will be better; maybe the sun will shine over this horror.

Of course, sometimes the day is what you make it. You can wake up mad and upset, complaining about everything going wrong or you can make the best out of it. Focus on the positive things like one; your waking up and able to live another glorious day. A day where you get to make the most out of what it is.

Authentic Splash Stock Photography of a tree surrounded by water and land in the background
Tree reflects in the Water

Another Day To Progress

Instead of waking up and complaining about how everything is going wrong (and I have done this many times in the past and still do today), I now look at the bright side of things and take the positive items into account. Such as the people I have around me daily and how they teach me new things every time I’m in their presence. I am grateful for the people I have in my life and thats worth more than some material object.

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We are stubborn sometimes to thinking we know everything and we always know best but this isn’t always true. The more we go through life, the more we see there are many things we haven’t considered or had the experience of going through. Not everyone chooses to sail on the ocean or fly above the clouds; sometimes life chooses a path for us.

Friends and having fun, laughing and crowd splash photography
Hanging Out And Having Fun

We sometimes forget the importance of keeping in touch with other people and understanding their situation. We get so caught up in our ownselves while forgetting about how someone else may feel. I have learned so much more about myself when listening to how others experience their daily lives. It’s always a great experience when I can catch up with old friends and even family, to talk and convey thoughts and opinions on how we learn new things everyday. How we experience new adventures and travels over our lifetime. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, as it is exciting to see new places.

I wake up now days and am grateful to wake up, experience new things with my friends, see my family and how everyone experiences their day. I come to realize we all have control over our lives to an extent that our lives is what we make it. Our freewill gives us the opportunity to chose how we want to live and sometimes that may include someone else. The more good you put out, the more good you will receive, depending on the other person and surroundings of course.

Digital Philosophy Season 3

So why not get out there today and make the best of your day? Why not find the right people who help you along your path instead of making it worst? Why not make the best of your situation? Why not live and enjoy each day?

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