The Lucky Number 13

Friday The 13th

Author & Published By: Skinner J.Tyler

Friday The 13th 2021 splash photography
Friday The 13th

Today Of All Day’s

Today is the day known as Friday The 13th, 2021 and I’m going to get into what it’s about, how it came about and how a movie franchise benefits from it’s very name (Other than Jason Vorhees). So today, is a day also known as Black Friday or Friday the 13th; a day known to be bad luck.

First off, a movie franchise made loads of this name and day; contributed a 1980’s Serial Killer to making a day known for it’s bad luck and unlucky events; is running around a camp killing people. His name is Jason Voorhees and he’s not finished until everyone is dead.

We’ve all seen some of the movie some shape or other; where a psycho path serial killer known as Jason Voorhees. (Although, not the original killer in Friday the 13th, as Mrs. Voorhees, Jason’s Mother was the original killer)

Friday the 13th original photograph by Dr Digital Philosophy's
Lucky Number 13th

Year’s Ago A Curse Planted

So there are many theories of Friday the 13th, such as one of Norse Mythology where the 12 God’s are feasting in Valhalla. That’s until the trickster God Loki arrives and turns the feast into a state of oblivion and descet.

Of course, there can be many reasons as it is believed that there where 13 guests at the lasts supper, including Jesus and the 12 Apostles. Therefore, sealing the fate of Jesus Christian and forever giving the number 13 a devastating effect.

As well, during this day, people should note that their are only 12 Zodiac signs, as 13 is not part of the cycle. During the 12 phases of the Zodiac there are only 12 and the cycle repeats; there is no 13 in the cycle.

Friday The 13th splash photography with blocks spelling out FRIDAY

In conclusion, Lucky Number 13

So given today is Friday the 13th, it has been around many times before and is always remembered as a day of bad luck. The 13th number is a dead end and is not used during astrological cycles, the 12 Labors of Hercules and there are 12 Gods of Olympus. So one thing is for sure, the number 13 has a bad rap in religion, astrology and many other events.

Therefore, the reason we remember Friday the 13th, is due to the fact that during the 14th century, the Knights Templar would help pilgrims during their pilgrimage to the Holy land. Over time, the Knights templars acquired much wealth from donations and gifts given to the sacred order. This would be their downfall during the day of October 13th, 1307 when the King of France ordered 600 Knights Templars arrested and tortured. This allowed the day to come about which is Friday the 13th.

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